Keanu Reeves and the 4 haircuts that will always make you look good

Keanu Reeves and the 4 haircuts that will always make you look good

Keanu Reeves He is probably one of the best people in the world and that is why he has become the king of the Internet and the box office.

Not only are there thousands of stories about the way he treats his fans and his co-workers, the tragedies that sent him down, and his love for motorcycles, but he’s also been lucky enough to appear in some of the best movies in the world. story action.

Movies like Bill y Ted, Speed, Matrix y Point Break did what Keanu Reeves He was an icon of the 80s and 90s, and John Wick put him on the map again, proving that not all action heroes are created equal, and reminding us all that this is one of the best actors we have today, even if they haven’t given you an Oscar.

But not only that, the actor is also one of those who are admired for his uncanny ability to not age (there is a theory that he is immortal, and we are not going to say that it cannot be true), and because he always seems to have hair perfect, even when tousled and messy.

And what is better, Reeves has shown that you can wear your hair as you please at any age, and has used the classic cuts that always look good and can work for most men (plus each is a reflection of where they are in their life and career)

Keanu Reeves’ haircuts:

Long to John Wick

The long cut

© Kevork Djansezian

John Wick He gave us all a lesson about the way a classic suit should be worn, in addition, he is the character that makes it clear that you do not have to cut your hair if you do not want to, although you must be careful.

To wear long hair, you must take care that it is not too long (you are not Rapunzel), you must use a good shampoo and conditioner, and give it regular maintenance to avoid split ends. Also, the look is well complemented by a well-groomed beard, which is what makes Reeves look more mature (not old) and sophisticated.

Shaved a la Mr. Anderson (from The Matrix)

Perhaps it was an advantage that, while he was asleep and living in the Matrix, a Mr. Anderson (wearing a longer cut in Matrix Resurrections) no hair grew, otherwise that would have been chaos.

The shaved cut is one of those timeless cuts that can look good at any age (especially if you are starting to go bald), and it can be very edgy depending on your style of dressing. The key is to find the ideal size in the machine to shave, and avoid that the hair grows more than you want. Taking into account that it can be even on all sides or used with a fade style with more volume on top.

“Messy” al estilo Point Break

This is one of the most iconic films of Keanu Reeves, and in which she wears one of her best looks.

Reeves’ character is a policeman posing as surfer to infiltrate a gang of criminals, and her look had to reflect that, so she went for a slightly longer cut, though not too long, with a lot of movement and volume, allowing her to style it in situations where she needed more. seriousness.

Short and textured, grunge style

The 90s grunge cut

© Ron Galella

The style 90s grunge It not only applies in fashion, it can also be worn in the hair, with a cut like that of the actor, which was shorter, but leaving some longer sections to have movement and to create a good frame around the face.

The advantage of this cut, which is shorter than Point Break, is that it is in that middle point where you do not need to comb it if you do not want to, but you can do it when you need it, such as when you go to a job interview,

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Keanu Reeves and the 4 haircuts that will always make you look good