Leonardo DiCaprio’s strategy: this is how he managed to cover his scandals with boredom and ecology | ICON

Leonardo DiCaprio’s strategy: this is how he managed to cover his scandals with boredom and ecology |  ICON

In 1998 Leonardo DiCaprio (Los Angeles, 1974) was the king of the world. While he was deciding among the hundred scripts that were proposed to him after Titanic, ran daily revelries with colleagues at Victoria’s Secret parties where they sneaked in uninvited, dumped trash from a bridge at freeway cars, and closed down nightclubs. striptease without leaving a tip. They called themselves the Pussy Posse (the pussy gang) and people like Donald Trump, Susan Sarandon or Mariah Carey lined up to greet them in their booth.

Today, Leonardo DiCaprio is the most famous actor on the planet and nobody knows anything about him. He only dates models: eight in two decades, never over 25 years old, the last one – actress Camila Morrone – is 21. He emptied the VIP area of ​​a Miami club taking the 20 girls to his mansion and held a party at his Ibiza yacht for Tobey Maguire, her recently divorced partner from the Pussy Posse, packed with models.

The actor and his colleagues called themselves the Pussy Posse (“the pussy gang”) and people like Donald Trump, Susan Sarandon or Mariah Carey lined up to greet them in their booth.

However, his public image is that of an artist of integrity, discreet and committed to the environment. His environmental activism has helped him distract from his private life, which continues to be a perpetual adolescent binge, in a strategy that he already explained in 2000. “I pretend that I am a complex enigma but the truth is that I do not want anyone to know who I am. I want to look as dry, gray and boring as possible, “he said before listing 20 endangered species.

That 1998 changed his life on three levels: Leomania, a collective obsession of the public that placed 10 books about him in the Top 15 of the best sellers in the United States; partying with the Pussy Posse, and a meeting with Al Gore to learn about the threat of climate change. His idol Marlon Brando despised him (“He looks like a girl”), Senator John McCain also (“He’s a puny sissy”) and he countered: “Just because he wants to party with other guys doesn’t mean he’s gay! ”.

James Cameron, Director of Titanic, described him as “a spoiled pimp” after the actor explained why he was not going to attend the Oscars with an SMS that said “it’s not my thing, trunk.” The joke “From Titanic they’ve nominated everything but DiCaprio and the iceberg ”was the first Leonardo DiCaprio meme on the Internet. Many more would arrive, the result of an obsession of the public to decipher the happy mystery. Who the hell is Leonardo DiCaprio? If he refuses to show his true personality, the Internet seems determined to build it for him: his promiscuity is perceived as a sympathetic and inoffensive extravagance, his silence as decency, and his professional discipline as desperation to win an Oscar. But he never grants any acknowledgment of receipt to the narratives that are formed around him.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, Quentin Tarantino’s latest film where they share the bill with Margot Robbie. In video, trailer of the film.

When Lady Gaga’s hip collided with DiCaprio’s elbow on her walk to the Golden Globes stage, the GIF went viral within minutes. “I didn’t know what was going to happen there,” he just clarified. When the jocular rumor that the bear of The reborn had tried to abuse him, his publicist denied it with a statement: “That is not what happened.” When asked why he turned down Robin’s roles in Batman Forever, Anakin in Attack of the clones and Peter Parker in Spiderman, he limited himself to confirming that “there were meetings, but I did not do them at the end.” In this way, the actor forces the public to speculate on the true reasons why he declined to star in those blockbusters: he is the highest grossing actor who has ever shot a sequel, the only star who has not made superhero films and his only smash hit – apart from Titanic– (Origin) was an opulent psychotherapy session. DiCaprio seems hell-bent on proving that Titanic was an exception in his career, which has not prospered thanks to Titanic but in spite of it.

A model who slept with DiCaprio said that he is a bum in bed and that he did not stop vaping and listening to music on his headphones during the powder

Two weeks ago, during the promotion of the film Once upon a time in … Hollywood (in theaters since August 15), he was asked about the popular theory that Jack – the character he played in Titanic and that he drowned – fit on the table next to Rose. While his co-stars, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, joked (DiCaprio barely gives solo interviews, since 1998 he has lent himself only five in-depth reports), he replied “no comment” looking at the ground. DiCaprio resists being the viral meme of the week and takes himself so seriously (“And bring a human being into a world like this?”, He responds when asked if he wants to be a father) that the public has finished respecting it. Every movie buff has a different movie in which they realized that DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his generation.

Actually, his career postTitanic has only continued the concerns of its beginnings (abused adolescent in This boy’s life, mentally disabled in Who does Gilbert Grape love?, junkie in A rebels’ Diary) with cornered, stubborn or mentally ill characters. The project chosen among those one hundred offers in 1998, The beach, scared away teenagers who paid admission looking for an adventure in shades of turquoise and they ran into a descent into madness through existential talks. DiCaprio, for his part, took all of his colleagues on vacation to Thailand while filming at the expense of the film’s budget.

“His face is a battlefield of moral conflict,” admires Martin Scorsese. “I like that he doesn’t get into two movies a year,” Quentin Tarantino applauds, “like Pacino or De Niro in the seventies, he does only what he wants, so if he chooses a movie, the audience knows it will be a good one.” Thanks to him, projects impossible to sell in multiplexes such as The wolf of Wall Street O The reborn They got funding and swept the box office by facing the typical blockbusters: DiCaprio is the last survivor of that line of stars who took people to the movies. That is why his Oscar is the only Oscar that has mattered to the general public in the last 20 years.

Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from ‘The Beach’, a film that he shot in Thailand accompanied by a group of colleagues whom he invited at the cost of the film’s budget. In video, trailer of the film.

“In person he is polite, charming, joking and looks you in the eye. And he manages not to give you a single clue of his true personality, “lamented a journalist from The Guardian in 2007 after interviewing him for five hours. “At the end, Leo went on a nine-hour spree in which he spent 10,000 euros. And it’s irritating because that DiCaprio is so much more entertaining than the one who drank sparkling water with me for five hours. ” He does not hide his strategy to maintain control in interviews: “I speak only about what I want to talk, no matter what the question is.” In 2016, during the most intense promotion of his career for the Oscar that he would end up winning by The rebornThey asked him about the time of the Leomania. “What?”, He replied, pretending not to know the name that the press gave to the phenomenon of its global fame.

Leonardo DiCaprio has used that fame to raise awareness in society of the urgency to act as soon as possible to mitigate climate change. He has met with Barack Obama, Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin (who assured that Leo is “a real man”), has served as a spokesman for the United Nations and has produced seven documentaries. But your concern, while genuine, has also served you well in defusing questions you don’t feel like answering. Among them, anyone related to Don’s Plum, the movie amateur that shot with the Pussy Posse in the mid-nineties in which DiCaprio improvised phrases like “stop looking at me like that or I’ll throw a bottle in your fucking face, you fucking bitch” in front of a girl with tears in her eyes. DiCaprio and Maguire used their contacts to block their premiere after they became famous. However, the film is today available on YouTube thanks to its director, who after being expelled from the Pussy Posse decided to publish it.

DiCaprio is the highest grossing actor to ever shoot a sequel, the only star who has not made superhero films and ‘Origin’, his only smash apart from ‘Titanic’, was an opulent psychotherapy session

Meanwhile the stories of the other DiCaprio, the party animal, continue to creep through the cracks in his demure public image. After winning the Oscar he went out for drinks with the Pussy Posse howling and yelling “pack of wolves!” nonstop (the actor denies ever using the Pussy Posse label, which he considers “degrading to women”). One model said that she slept with him, that he is lazy in bed and that he did not stop vaping and listening to music on his headphones during the powder. And, on a television show, Jennifer Lopez texted him (“I want to let my hair down, any suggestions?”) And he replied, “Do you want to party tonight, bubu?”

At the 2014 Golden Globes, Tina Fey introduced her saying: “And now, as if we were the vagina of a top model, Let’s give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio ”. He came out on stage and handed out his award without flinching. “I always ask my friends to imitate me and they are never capable,” he lamented at the time. “That makes me feel very uninteresting. My friends consider me insipid ”. A tasteless man who collects dinosaur skulls, one of which he sold to Russell Crowe for 30,000 euros during a binge.

This prudent strategy has protected him to such an extent that, in 2016, the internet turned into a clamor for poor Leonardo DiCaprio to be awarded the Oscar once and for all. The narrative that he was willing to win it (only based on the fact that he chose lucid roles, because he of course always responded with an innocuous “it would be an honor to win it, but it does not depend on me”) led the public to feel sorry for him every time. lost. That’s how it is. Too bad for a guy who has worked with the best directors in Hollywood, who charges a minimum of 20 million euros for each arthouse film he shoots and who, during that party on his yacht in Ibiza, bragged about attending castings of the teen channel CW to pick up aspiring actresses in their 20s. Perhaps getting perceived as a boring, formal and even bland man is the best performance of his career. And his quest for the environment, as noble as it is convenient, makes more sense in him than in any other person: this planet is his, it is normal that he wants to protect it.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s strategy: this is how he managed to cover his scandals with boredom and ecology | ICON