Nicolas Cage, the tireless actor who now has a series about swearing on Netflix – Tvshow – 01/07/2021

Nicolas Cage, the tireless actor who now has a series about swearing on Netflix – Tvshow – 01/07/2021

This week Netflix premiered the series The history of swearing, whose premise is as simple as it is entertaining: know the etymology, the uses and the evolution behind the most well-known insults -in plain English-. The presenter is nothing less than Nicolas cage (with a questionable tincture; hair decisions have never been very good) and, in each chapter, it focuses on a “bad word” that is explained by different academics and commented on by various comedians. The six episodes of just half an hour arrived on Tuesday and are more interesting than one might believe beforehand.

The docuseries could be the resurgence of Nicolas Cage who today is just 57 years old and comes from a cradle of artists. She started out as a promising youngster, rose to stardom and won an Oscar along the way, and since then she has not stopped plummeting with poor artistic, sentimental (three marriages and three divorces) and financial decisions.

In 2020 and while the whole world was paralyzed by the coronavirus, Cage had time to work on two films. In 2019 he made another six: in all of them he was the protagonist and the main face of the posters, but none was released in our country; they all went unnoticed at the box office and were forgotten in awards season. The same thing happened in 2018, 2017 and the list could continue like this until 2010, the year it premiered Kick Ass and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, perhaps his latest commercial successes.

Registered as Nicolas Kim Coppola, from before he was born he had a life marked by the cinema. Filmmaker’s nephew Francis Ford Coppola and the actress Talia Shire, Cage is the cousin of the director and screenwriter Sofia Coppola and the actors Robert Carmine and Jason Schwartzman. And in that world of artists he has remained, with more scandals and excesses than his relatives.

Avoiding possible rumors of nepotism for being Coppola’s nephew, but determined to be an actor from a young age, he began his career under the surname Cage, which he took from his favorite superhero, Luke Cage. His fanaticism for comics would not stop there: he knew how to have the first copy of Superman (he almost interpreted it in the version that Tim Burton was going to do) and he called one of his two sons: Kal-El, the Kryptonian name of Clark Kent.

Nicolas cage
Nicolas Cage in an audition for Tim Burton’s “Superman”. Photo: Archive

The first roles, the same, he got them in his uncle’s films: Student babydoll (1982), The street law (1983) and Cotton Club (1984).

It was in that decade when he worked with the most important filmmakers: Alan Parker in wings of Liberty, the Coen brothers in Educating Arizona, Norman Jewison en Moon spell and David Lynch in Wild Heart. Those films, added to an image of an actor committed to the method – he pulled out four teeth because according to him, it would help him to put himself in the shoes of the combatants in Vietnam – made him go from being a promise to a movie star. They say he refuses to take medication so he can feel it all, and according to critic Roger Ebert, Cage has two speeds: intense and very intense.

Nicolas Cage on his arrival at the Cairo Film Festival
Nicolas Cage on his arrival at the Cairo Film Festival

In 1995 he got the role of his life as Ben Sanderson, an alcoholic screenwriter who goes to Las Vegas to die. That is the slogan of the drama Goodbye to las vegas directed by Mike Figgis, which received four Oscar nominations and earned him the best actor award for Cage, a trophy whose whereabouts he said he did not know in a 2018 interview with Variety magazine.

Since he won the Oscar, as if he had nothing else to prove, Cage moved away from independent and small films, creating a profile divided between romantic dramas and action films. This is how he said goodbye to cutting-edge, low-budget films forever and became an unlikely action movie star thanks to films like The rock (Michael Bay, 1996), Con Air (Simon West, 1997), Counteract (John Woo, 1997) Sixty Seconds (Dominic Sena, 2000). Titles interspersed with An angel in love (Brad Silberling, 1998) in Family man (Brett Ratner, 2001).

Nicolas Cage.  Photo: Diffusion

In 2002 another great role came to him, that of the twins Charlie and Donald Kaufman in The Orchid Thief, which earned him his second Oscar nomination; and in 2004, following the success of the novel The Da Vinci Code, he starred National Treasure which came to have a sequel, all very Indiana Jones style.

But in 2007 he discovered that his administrator had stolen it so, financially bankrupt, Cage got rid of various eccentricities – a castle in Germany, mansions, two islands – and filled his filmography with bad and forgettable films, associated with the need to work or Simply because he cannot say no: the number of films in his curriculum, more than 100, has already almost doubled his years of life. A lot. Among his loose titles are Danger in Bangkok, Countdown, The Seer or Ghost Rider, which are often seen on the wire.

Although most of these films go directly to platforms and do not go through theaters, which could damage that star status, every so often there is talk of their resurgence and beyond comings and goings, works such as The history of swearing They are good ways to reconnect with him and with that very own charm.

Exotic Joe and Nicolas Cage, their next roles

Nicolas Cage has five productions in development, including a miniseries that is still untitled where he will play Exotic Joe, the protagonist of the documentary miniseries. Tiger King which was one of Netflix’s surprises in 2020.

Already in post-production, that is, to be released this year if the pandemic allows it, it has three films. On The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent It will be a Nicolas Cage who, due to financial problems, agrees to make an appearance on the birthday of a billionaire, although in reality he is an informant for the CIA. There are also Pedro Pascal and Neil Patrick Harris.

He will also be in charge of the horror movie Willy’s Wonderland which centers on a homeless man who ends up working in an amusement park full of demonic machines. And it will be the protagonist of Pig, Michael Sarnoski’s film where he will play a truffle hunter who will have to go out to find his forage pig that was kidnapped.


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Nicolas Cage, the tireless actor who now has a series about swearing on Netflix – Tvshow – 01/07/2021