The Army of the Dead, a new dawn of zombie cinema

The Army of the Dead, a new dawn of zombie cinema

(SPOILER ALERT). The Army of the Dead appears to have revived the dead zombie genre, which was still trying to stay alive with bad attempts in Hollywood in recent years. It took the return of Zack Snyder to achieve it.

Zack Snyder is back. Director of Dawn of the Dead (2004) makes his new installment for the genre that saw him born, that of zombies. This time, the filmmaker was in command of The Army of the Dead, the most recent major premiere of Netflix.

Thus, and with the protagonism of Dave BautistaLast Friday, the platform placed 2 hours and 20 minutes of pure action in its catalog with said film. There are a lot of hits, but also an endless list of obvious and repetitive mistakes that could make, if corrected, the undead movies gain quality in Hollywood.

I live it

Snyder’s first great achievement with this film was, without a doubt, character design. Although a bit classic and cliché, the design of each member of the mercenary group seems to have come straight out of the best version of Resident Evil, but saying this in the best possible sense.

Scott (Dave Bautista) has everything to be the leader. The bearing, attitude and even combat ability made the character a sober protagonist, but ideal for the plot. The relationship that he establishes with his daughter, the search for forgiveness and the responsibility to finish the mission as the great national hero make the warrior generate enough influence.

For their part, there were two characters that have all the earmarks of having been part of a video game, whose personalities gave the course of history a superior force. They were even two of the longest surviving members of the group.

They are Lily (Nora arnezeder) and Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick). The first one looks like a bloodthirsty and dark young woman, always carrying heavy weaponry, questionable morals, and a really tough haircut. That, rudeness, is what defines it.

Likewise, the burly philosopher is armed with an electric saw capable of annihilating any enemy that crosses his path. Undoubtedly, one of the great shares of action of the feature film came because of this type. His relevance was so great that he was the last character to appear, having been infected without noticing and making room for a sequel.

The Army of the Dead: Action, Politics, Family, Robberies or Zombies?

Another highlight of the production was the mix of various themes that gave the arc of the living dead a very well defined tone. The combination was ideal between traditional action, a robbery of the century, a political – social burden to exploit an entire population and the priority for the economy in the middle of an apocalypse.

Typically, it is well known that zombie-based footage will involve a virus, a group of survivors, and their sequential deaths. This was revolutionized.

If the mutants didn’t kill them, the head of security would Tanaka, which gave the team another threat. In addition, the interests of the mission were not humanitarian or survival, all of that was summarized in the first minutes of playback. A round of applause for Snyder, who managed to deepen the subject.

Finally, Zack Snyder’s customary zombie design, showing himself to be faster and even more civilized than is normally shown, was one of the keys to development. The idea of ​​a community, a leader, and sexual reproduction among these has put a brilliant spin on the subgenre.

Bautista (left) and Zack Snyder (right) talk on the set of Army of the Dead

The dead

Despite being one of the points praised by many media, the makeup issue could be improved. It was trivial, but it had to be considered. Why? Because a clear difference was evidenced between the phenomena who played an important role such as the king, the queen or the policeman, who were very well made up, and the extras, who merely had dust on their faces. So, when there were open shots and many beings on the screen, it was enough to see mediocrity in the makeup of many.

Thus, another aspect was also wasted and it was that of human disloyalty. Tanaka’s bodyguard was a potential villain, he could have worried the main thieves, but he didn’t, he had a very predictable attitude and he let go of one of the best human profiles that could develop. If this had caused risk, the mission was going to become much more exciting.

The zombie

The good and the bad have already been talked about, but there were also flashy things, as well as the zombies in the movie. One of them, and perhaps the most, was the soundtrack, uniting great themes from Las Vegas and making the film more psychotic.

Another surprising point was the linguistic inclusion, which is one of the director’s bets for his future projects. It was magnificent how Spanish was mixed with English in some scenes, giving a sense of globalization.

The ending, showing Scott’s obvious murder at the hands of his daughter KateIt was a very high point full of emotion and fury, it was possible to close this book with a luxurious last page.

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The Army of the Dead, a new dawn of zombie cinema