The day of fury in which Eurythmics composed the famous song

The day of fury in which Eurythmics composed the famous song

In the history of music there are songs that have been true lifesavers for artists or groups that add them to their repertoire. Some remain as the so-called One Hit Wonders or others are the kickoff for take off a musical career. This second case was the one that Eurythmics experienced with its success “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)», a pop music classic that catapulted his destiny.

The day Eurythmics almost broke up

However, not all that glittered was gold for the band Annie Lennox y Dave Stewart, who believed their career was over before publishing it in the early 1980s. They had recently disbanded from their anterior banda The Tourists, in which they had creative tensions with the vocalist Peet Coombes, legal problems with his representative and also with his record label.

Now, as a duo, they could be the songwriters themselves. However, the results of their debut album did not give the results that both expected. In addition, few people went to their concerts, as every band does in its early days.

“I remember that that day I was in a terrible mood, in fact I thought we should give upAnnie Lennox said about the day they both had a strong fight, while they were composing their second album in London. “I was sitting there thinking about telling him [a Stewart] that I would go back to Scotland and just forget it, ‘he added about that day of 1982.

But in a moment, Lennox came up with a very simple melody on the keyboard. In parallel, Stewart, who used to play guitar, improvised a fast tempo with a touch of percussion. «It was incredibly contagious and powerful, but we did not choose it, and neither our record company, as a single from the album until the third or fourth selection. Thus was born «Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)».

Effort despite everything

Lennox y Stewart, They had a romantic relationship on The Tourists and later separated as a couple while signing their record deal as Eurythmics. But, despite everything, they have always maintained a strong friendship and have never been ashamed to talk about it. time in which they almost decide to put everything aside.

“A lot of people see artists like us on TV or wherever and at first they think, ‘Oh, they’re doing great,” Stewart said. «But they don’t see the four, five, ten years having trouble making ends meet and playing in front of three or four people«, He insists.

The success of “Sweet Dreams”

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), junto al album of the same name, they were released to the world in early 1983, works that stayed at the top of the charts in Europe and North America. The same happened with other of his albums like “Be Yourself Tonight”. With the characteristic synthesizer that starts it, the song became an instant classic, with a multiplicity of remixes and covers like the one he has done. Marilyn Manson.

«Not in a million years do we think it would be a song that would be in all electronic music festivals, because we didn’t make electronic music“Stewart said.

In fact, Annie Lennox explains that by conceiving the lyrics of “Sweet Dreams”, managed to portray in an original way the dark situation they were going through after their debut album. However, today fans take it as a symbol of dreams and the difficulties that one can go through.

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The day of fury in which Eurythmics composed the famous song