The real reason Tom Holland doesn’t put his voice on “What if …?” | Spoiler

The real reason Tom Holland doesn’t put his voice on “What if …?”  |  Spoiler

On December 17th comes one of the most anticipated releases of Marvel, Spiderman: no way home with Tom Holland to the head. The actor, who has played Peter Parker since 2017, will don the suit of the franchise’s youngest superhero for the last time. It is that, with this film, comes the end of the adventures of this character that causes so much fury.

However, the contract Tom Holland It doesn’t end until December. So much so that the biggest surprise that fans were taken is that he is one of the absent from What if…?. This series, which premiered on August 11 on Disney +, is among Marvel’s most ambitious bets for its phase four. After hits like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier O Loki, the study opts again for a series, but this time animated.

However, for fans, the fact that personalities like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson are not the ones who voice their iconic characters is a fault. But, as for them, it was more to be expected since their time at Marvel ended a long time ago, something that still does not happen with Holland and, therefore, their absence was a surprise.

And, in order to clarify the situation, one of the MCU’s producers, Brad Winderbaum, revealed to Collider why Tom Holland it is not present in this series. I am not aware of all the details of the relationship with Sony. But, I think it may have had something to do with it, yeah“, said. In other words, its noticeable absence is due to contractual clauses that were not fully disclosed.

Tom Holland will not appear in What if …?. Photo: (IMDB)

Anyway, the new version of Spiderman still did not appear in What if…?, so it is still unknown if the fans will truly accept it. But, there is one thing that is certain: it will be a very different super arachnid since it was defined as a zombie hunter, so everything indicates that it will appear in the episode that the zombie Avengers will be.

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The real reason Tom Holland doesn’t put his voice on “What if …?” | Spoiler