What is known about ‘The Continental’?

What is known about ‘The Continental’?

John Wick it is the triumph of simplicity. Each of the three films starring Keanu Reeves does not have a complex plot. There are also no phrases and extensive dialogues, in the style Game of Thrones, during which philosophy is done. No. John Wick you don’t point to that line and you don’t need to. He is moved by more mundane and close issues: revenge and the sense of survival.

Those reasons are part of the elements that made it one of the best action movies of recent years. Presenting violence in a stark form is a declaration of principles of Lionsgate. The production house is saying out loud: “Do you want action movies? Here’s one! ” John Wick has no other aspirations: his objectives are clear and everything he develops through Keanu Reeves he does it in a good way. It is an example of when less is more. Much more.

In this context of violence, impeccable fight choreographies and blood, silence and calm are found in one place: The Continental. That hotel franchise that functions as embassies of crime. There, all those who are part of that network of murderers can stop to sleep one night or converse as people free of guilt. About that place, in particular the headquarters located in New York, will be one of the spin-off inspired by the universe John Wick.

‘The Continental’: Why is it a good idea?

The series will bear the same name as the hotel, The Continental. For now, it is expected to take place in New York, where the headquarters are managed by Winston. This character, in the three films of John Wick, Is interpreted by Ian McShane. If no more has been written about him and among film fans this work is not cited in good terms, it is worth suspecting that it has to do with the contempt that action films usually have.

In addition to his work as the site manager, Winston has a close relationship with John Wick. In such a murky universe, the definition of that bond could be friendship. This causes different moments of complicity and, also, tension between the two of them – especially when John violates the rules of The Continental-. However, little of that relationship will be covered in the series, as advanced Kevin Beggs, president of Lionsgate.

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What is known about ‘The Continental’?