Why did they invent that a plant was eaten in a Chilean program? – Rock pop

Why did they invent that a plant was eaten in a Chilean program?  – Rock pop

Each may 19, the Jamaican-American artist Grace Jones turns one more year. Through a singular style in its costumes, music videos and shows, the singer surprised the world in the 80s. This with genres that ranged from music reggae, funk, post-punk, disco, and pop. To commemorate her, we leave you one of the milestones that undoubtedly marked her career, at least in our country. This when supposedly ate a plant in the middle of a performance.

The day Grace Jones supposedly ate a plant

Grace Jones, in the early 1980s, was already considered one of the most controversial and exotic singers. And without a doubt she was all the rage on her visit to Chile at that time, precisely because she was invited to the program «Let’s see» from TVN, the one led by Raúl Matas. There, while singing the song “The Hunter gets Captured by the Game”, absorbed by the emotion that the music provokes in her, attacked a plant that was on the set.

However, all Chileans of the time believed that the artist had actually eaten her. Despite this, this is not true, since in the video of the show, it is clearly seen that only grabs her tightly while doing your sensual movements.

But that was not all, since also got on a table and started crawling seductively. He also tried to seduce a man in suit in public that he was accompanied by his wife. Also, in the song “Fame”, he tried get others to dance they were sitting.


After all, Raúl Matas invited her to talk with him. Saying the following jokingly about plants and with a effortless english. “You almost just destroyed me. My name is Matas, when you destroy the matas there ”, all while the singer just laughed.

So … why is it said that he had actually eaten it?

About this exist two theories. One is that the newspaper La Cuarta, after the Grace Jones presentation, in his section of shows, he referred to the singer as «the comeplantas«.

The second is that the actor Fernando Alarcón performed a parody in the unforgettable Chilean comedy program on TVN «Jappening con Yes«. This weeks after the presentation of Grace Jones, and appeared disguised just like her. What he did with a tight blue suit, with his face painted in charcoal (something that today would be considered como «blackface», a practice racist) and sunglasses.

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At one point in his performance, he began to imitate the game that the singer made with the decorative plants. AND Alarcón began to eat all the leaves. This imitation was so celebrated that it is probable that the Chileans assume the real Grace Jones had eaten the plants during his presentation in the Chilean program.

However, as you could see in the video, this is not true. It was just an exaggeration of the time before an eccentric singer. The one that without a doubt drove the media crazy and that they were carried away by the collective sensation.

If you want to see the complete presentation of Grace Jones in “We’ll see” of TVN, you can do it below.

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Why did they invent that a plant was eaten in a Chilean program? – Rock pop