Billy Idol returns with new single and video clip “Bitter Taste”

Billy Idol returns with new single and video clip “Bitter Taste”

A song with introspective lyrics based on his 1990 motorcycle accident

Billy Idol announced yesterday a new EP “The Roadside”, his first release in almost 7 years, which will be available on September 17th through Dark Horse Records / BMG. Produced by Butch Walker (Green Day, Weezer) and Steve Stevens, Idol guitarist and co-writer. The Roadside was conceived, recorded and mixed almost entirely in the shadow of the pandemic. Fans can pre-order The Roadside HERE.

The lead single “Bitter Taste” features one of Idol’s most introspective and confessional lyrics, in which he confronts death, rebirth and his personal growth thirty-one years after his near-fatal 1990 motorcycle accident. that everyone has been feeling more thoughtful (during the pandemic). So it seemed quite logical and natural for me to write something about my motorcycle accident, ”explains Billy Idol. “Definitely, the motorcycle accident was the catharsis, the moment to wake up. A little bit of me stayed on that route. But in the end it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; It was a wake-up call. Perhaps on that road I left behind the irreverent and youthful Billy and opened the door for a more caring father and a more sensitive musician ”.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Billy Idol is planning a concert series in 2021. Shows include lead performances at the Capitol Theater in New York and the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, as well as an appearance at the Sea.Hear.Now Festival in Asbury Park, NJ. Idol recently appeared alongside Miley Cyrus during her lead performance on Lollapalooza.

For forty-five years, Billy Idol has been one of the faces and voices of rock & roll. First as a Generation X frontman, between 1977 and 1981, Idol emerged with three albums that made positivity, emotional depth, and high pop synonymous with punk rock. In 1982, Idol embarked on a remarkable transatlantic / transgender solo career that integrated the beat of the clubs, the depth and drama of the big screen, the desperation of rockabilly, the bold and simple lines of punk and the decadence of rock & roll. roll.

“The Roadside” is the first Idol release on the recently relaunched Dark Horse Records, a label initially created in 1974 by George Harrison and now run by Dhani Harrison and David Zonshine. Other artists currently on Dark Horse include George Harrison himself, Joe Strummer, and Ravi Shankar. “I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Billy Idol to the Dark Horse Records family. Billy is a legend, and his music couldn’t fit better with Dark Horse’s personality. I’ve loved his music my whole life, so being able to give this new music a home on our historic label is a great honor, ”says Dhani Harrison.


Released September 17


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Billy Idol returns with new single and video clip “Bitter Taste”