Jazz Day! 20 exponential songs of the genre to shake your feet – Rock & Pop

Jazz Day!  20 exponential songs of the genre to shake your feet – Rock & Pop

One of the pillars of the world of music celebrates today a special day. Today is the International Jazz Day, which is celebrated this Friday in all the countries of the world. This day was established 10 years ago on April 30 as a date to commemorate this genre, especially its Universal values and what symbolizes and encourages music lovers and the general population.

So if you don’t have anything to listen to today, worry about adding to your playlist songs that have saxophones, pianos, vibraphones, double basses, drums and guitars. But not so fast! At Rock & Pop we create a play list special for you with Top 20 songs for the International Jazz Day.

Why is International Jazz Day celebrated today?

As we told you, 10 years ago the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) created the International Jazz Day to promote their roots awareness about their social impact and in promoting its future.

According to the organism, jazz music encourages dialogue and understanding, tolerance and cooperation between peoples. This helping to build a more inclusive society. Likewise, gender helps promote gender equality, integrates youth into the social change and promotes improvisation. And don’t forget the artistic innovation and freedom of expression.

How did jazz start?

This music arose in New Orleans, where a great community of slaves who came from Africa, which geographically, was the pioneer area of ​​jazz. The plaza Congo Square The city was a great meeting place for these people, who improvised drums and other instruments. Thus, they accompanied their parties to rhythm of beating feet and hands.

Songs from Antillean voodoo and rhythms of the Caribbean islands they mixed with work songs, ritual dances and religious music. It was as well as the oppression, improvisation and collective creation a new form of music was born.

Illustration of people dancing in Congo Square – Afropunk

However, after the War of the American Succession and the abolition of slavery, music became the way of life for freed slaves. In parallel, a new African American social class, who had access to music education without losing the roots of traditional African-American music. All one historical, racial, musical, social and religious question it gave origin to jazz.

We leave you a playlist with 20 great jazz songs!

As we promised, we leave you a selection of 20 jazz songs for you to commemorate and celebrate this great musical genre in its day. Among the great classics that you can find, there are exponents such as Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong o la gran Nina Simone.

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Jazz Day! 20 exponential songs of the genre to shake your feet – Rock & Pop