Johnny Depp, the fall into the abyss of an idol | People

Johnny Depp, the fall into the abyss of an idol |  People

Johnny Depp is a “wife abuser.” This has been declared by the United Kingdom justice, which has ruled against the American actor in the defamation lawsuit he filed against the British newspaper The Sun. In an article published in April 2018, the tabloid assumed that the actor had beaten his then-wife, Amber Heard, and now a judge has confirmed it. A verdict that, although it might sound shocking, should not be surprising. To begin with because the accusation of the actress about the violent attitudes of the actor arose more than four years ago, after she requested a restraining order for domestic violence after announcing their separation after only 15 months of marriage. It shouldn’t come as a surprise either, at least in Hollywood, given the number of hugely famous men who have been accused of abusing women. The first surprised, on the other hand, seems to have been Amber Heard herself, who has been seen these days celebrating the judicial decision with some friends with a large balloon in the shape of a champagne bottle.

Although the actor’s lawyers do not rule out appealing the sentence of the judge of the High Court of London, Andrew Nicol – “the sentence is so flawed that it would be ridiculous if Mr. Depp did not appeal this decision,” said one of the lawyers representing the actor – , Keep in mind that, by now, most of the world has already seen the photos of Heard’s bruised face or the video where the interpreter is seen drunk and hurling insults at his then wife. Also the recordings in which she insults him and admits to throwing pots and pans at him. Or the statements of Winona Ryder, Penelope Cruz and Vanesa Paradis defending the actor. Even the joint statement that the ex-partner issued that their relationship had become “horribly toxic.” But none of this could change the fact that a judge found that The Sun tI had a right to describe him as a “wife abuser.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in 2015.YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP

It’s not just the judge’s verdict that has decimated Depp’s reputation. For a long time, his life has been absurdly exaggerated. Many of his loyal fans date the beginning of Johnny Depp’s decline in 2012, when he separated from French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis after a 14-year relationship and two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, aged 19 and 16 respectively. With Paradis, Depp seemed to have found that stability that facilitated a synergy between the eccentricities of a renowned actor and the true man with a big heart that he revealed on screen under peculiar characters.

Johnny Depp with his then-wife, the actress and singer, Vanessa Paradis.
Johnny Depp with his then-wife, the actress and singer, Vanessa Paradis.AP

And it is that it represented a different way of being famous. Even with a few sporadic outbursts and wacky outfits, Johnny Depp has always been well liked by viewers. He earned a reputation as a versatile star from his early starring roles in films such as Eduardo Mannostieras (1990) by Tim Burton. He was nominated three times for an Oscar, including for his role in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), but never took the prized statuette. Later, he solidified his status as a Hollywood maverick with big box office hits like Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the famous pirate Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

However, a few years back the romance with the critic that the actor lived in the nineties, when Marlon Brando declared him the best actor of his generation, and sustained until well into the century was twisted not only by his failures at the box office as it happened with The Lone Ranger (2013), which took it personally, or Mortdecai (2015), the comedy in which he shares a shot with Gwyneth Paltrow and which a newspaper reported as “psychotically antifunny”.

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton, 1990)
Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton, 1990)

Apart from the honeys of success, his comings and goings with Amber Heard have not been the only thing that has turned Johnny Depp into tabloid meat. Also his high lifestyle marked by addictions and disputes that he has starred until recently with his former representatives. In 2017, the actor took legal action against The Management Group, led by Joel and Robert Mandel, who handled his affairs for 17 years. Depp accused them of spending millions without their permission and demanded 25 million dollars (22.8 million euros) in damages. They argued that the only person responsible for their financial problems was the artist himself who had spent millions on crazy whims: he came in abundance, luxury houses, security, private planes …, and they demanded more than 500,000 euros for defamation. That chapter was closed in July 2018 with an agreement one month before the date set for the trial and with both parties satisfied.

But the effort to wash his image so that the public will love him again and the film industry continues to count on him among its ranks continues. Waiting to know if the actor will appeal or not the sentence in favor of the British The Sun, Depp prepares a second round that this time will be in the United States and is scheduled for next year. A Virginia state court will hear the actor’s complaint against Amber Heard for describing alleged abuse and death threats in an article published in the newspaper The Washington Post a few months after reaching a divorce agreement. The name of the interpreter is never mentioned in the text titled I spoke out against sexual violence and confronted our cultural hatred. This has to change, written at the height of the #MeToo movement, but the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean decided to take legal action against his ex-wife. We will have to wait to find out if the British and American courts agree or not in the verdict that may be the confirmation of the final fall of an idol.

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Johnny Depp, the fall into the abyss of an idol | People