M. Night Shyamalan (‘Time’): “I think the public already understands better what I do, that mix of genres”

M. Night Shyamalan (‘Time’): “I think the public already understands better what I do, that mix of genres”

After ending his triptych on superheroes with ‘Glass’, M. Night Shyamalan returns to his independent bets with a thriller / drama / horror film titled ‘Tiempo’, which opens in theaters on July 30. The film, loosely based on the comic ‘Sandcastle’ by Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters, takes us to a paradisiacal beach with a married couple in crisis and their two young children. There the family will soon see that time progresses abnormally and every half hour they spend in the cove takes at least a year of their lives.

‘Time’ has a couple of scenes that we might consider the most terrifying and tense in all of Shyamalan’s filmography, but the director refuses to consider this or any of his other films to be horror movies: “There are some moments, but most of the film is a thriller, it has mystery drama …”, he told us when we talked to him before his premiere, “It’s a strange mix, but I think the public is understanding what I’m doing better and better, it’s a mix that can’t really be considered any genre”. You can watch the full interview below:

Shyamalan is especially known for his surprising script twists, such as the ending of ‘The sixth sense’, ‘The forest’ or ‘Multiple’; but it is not his main hallmark. What the Indian-born filmmaker really likes it is hiding your personal concerns (or universal dramas) behind a gender mask. He spoke to us about the importance of forgiving and asking for forgiveness in ‘The visit’, that twist of Hansel and Gretel; of loss and mourning in the alien invasion of ‘Signs’; or love in absolutely all his movies. But although sometimes all this remains hidden between suicides, monsters in the forest and young people who come from the water, not in ‘Tiempo’ where the first scene, the first conversation of the characters, already presents us with his thesis: time passes too much fast and we do not know how to appreciate the beauty of the little moments until we have lost them forever. “I have a theory that all the great movies, in those wonderful classics, all the scenes are the same”Shyamalan explains, “You’re seeing variations of the same conversation in every scene in the movie.”

Absolute perfectionism

During the presentation of ‘Tiempo’ at the Tribeca Film Festival last June, Shyamalan still had not finished his film within a month of its release. Why? He did not know how to end it. We asked him if the pressure of having to constantly surprise the public with big surprises was the problem, but according to him the shots were not there, but he is so perfectionist that even the last moment is retouching each musical note, the saturation of the color or the last expression that we see on each face: “In each shot I am always looking for the tone of each ending, to have that sensation of symphony in its movement.”

‘Tiempo’ opens in theaters on June 30 and promises to surprise us with the most personal, mature film, “inappropriate” and “subversive” of the career of a filmmaker who never leaves anyone indifferent.


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M. Night Shyamalan (‘Time’): “I think the public already understands better what I do, that mix of genres”