Marvel | Tom Holland Tired of Spiderman | Spoiler

Marvel |  Tom Holland Tired of Spiderman |  Spoiler

With only 24 years old, Tom Holland became Marvel’s great find. He came to the studio when he was just 19 to play a new version of Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman.

Although Tom Holland He faced a very different Peter from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield since in none of the films did he go through the same situations as the first two Spider-Man, he already has two films of his own and some appearances in conjunction with the Avengers. So much so that, not only did he aim his career higher, but he also showed his versatility when it came to acting.

Because, being one of the stars of Marvel, he also became one of the most critically acclaimed young actors. In this new era of the film industry, where the faces of new actors such as Millie Bobby Brown, Anya Taylor Joy or Zendaya predominate, Holland is one of these little stars who promise a great future.

However, just a few days ago, the British actor confessed that he needs a breather from the MCU. In conversation with USA Today’s Entertain This, the son of the legendary Dominic Holland said that at the end of Peter Parker’s adventure he will take a break.

Tom Holland seeks a break after Marvel. Photo: (Getty)

For what he assured, once the filming of Spiderman: no way home, his greatest wish is to go home to England and enjoy his family. β€œIt is the first time since I signed with Spiderman that I do not have a contract with anyone, I will be able to go skiing, which is something that they would not let me do since it is a dangerous sport”, He counted. Although, he also clarified that, at the time of the premiere of his film, on December 17, he will return to Los Angeles.

Yes indeed, Tom Holland He also assured that his intention to return to his family is with the simple fact of letting his life flow. “I’ll go home and see where the wind takes me”He declared. And, without a doubt, it has turned out well since he does not stop adding feature films to his career.

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Marvel | Tom Holland Tired of Spiderman | Spoiler