Ricardo Montaner’s “family” decisions ended up harming several members of his team

Ricardo Montaner’s “family” decisions ended up harming several members of his team

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This Tuesday, in The Argentine Voice the members of the team Ricardo Montaner they were the great protagonists of the night. All nine contestants sang in front of the coaches in the knockout stages, with two of them ending up dropping out of the show.

The one in charge of breaking the ice was Jacinta sandoval. “I am happy and euphoric. The other day on the street they told me that they liked the paint that I had used. They didn’t tell me anything about the song, “the Buenos Aires woman joked in rehearsals, who is also a make-up artist as a singer.

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In this instance, she had to interpret “Something Got A Hold On Me”, the Etta Jones classic, in the Christina Aguilera version. After listening to it, Soledad expressed: “At one point I thought I was in a show and I really enjoyed it. You have a self-confidence and a security that I envy ”. Lali agreed: “It was a journey back in time. You had that brilliance, very wise, of choosing when to break the voice and when not. I felt in a bar in those years, partying with my friends. In a movie. You took me into a total fantasy ”.

“I told her in rehearsals that she is the artist who most enjoys being on stage and singing. She has no tension, she is as if it were her house, enjoying or walking on the carpet. I thank you for giving my team credibility and for showing that you are a mirage, you are a reality ”, closed his coach.

Then it was the turn of the duo Denis and Axel. The Ortiz brothers provided a version of Camila’s “You Decidiste Leaving Me”. “Impressive,” Soledad was surprised, when she heard them. “That awful! I love all! It’s Denis’s best night, hands down, ”Ricky added.

“On other nights Denis has been the mattress for Axel to shine and today it was the other way around. They shine together ”, added Mau. “Today they showed why they are here. It was the best presentation, they touched my soul ”, Soledad closed.

The third to go on stage was Ezequiel Pedraza from Cordoba. “The affection of the people is inexplicable,” said the participant, who had to sing “The Same Air”, a song by Montaner’s son-in-law, Camilo. In rehearsal, the author of “Cachita” asked him not to “sing so much.”

That “family” choice ended up playing against the participant. “I am a very fan of Ezequiel. I must say, precisely because of that, that what just happened is a play. I was upset by Montaner’s decision in this instance. I did not see that brilliant Ezequiel that I am waiting for, ”said Lali, after hearing the contestant’s proposal.

“When the song started I got nervous, but you defended it as a different song, and I really liked it. I would have liked to hear you sing cumbia or quartet, “added Ricky.

Bianca Cherutti was the next, and this time, by decision of her coach, she had to interpret a ballad in Spanish: “For what remains of my life.” The song, popularized by Thalía, was written by Ricky Montaner, and is very different from the repertoire that the participant had been addressing in the contest.

“It was one of the first jobs I did, it was the first song that someone recorded for me. I was writing with Claudia Brant and she told me that I had to start writing songs for other people. I didn’t want to, because I’m very jealous of my songs. At most, I wrote for my father, ”Ricky said. And he added, referring to Bianca: “You have verified presentation after song that you have to be here. Congratulations”.

“I don’t know if it was your best presentation,” Soledad said. And he wished´: “But I would evaluate your entire career in this contest. I hope you stay ”.

Then, Montaner based the choice of theme: “The idea is that they try other things. If you are going to live in a country where people speak in Spanish, you have to think about starting to sing in Spanish. You have to show that you are not a figure that is on television, but that you were a woman with a soul, capable of transmitting ”.

Then came the turn of the Venezuelan Steffania Uttar. Contrary to her own sayings, in this case Montaner chose for her a song in English that is also an all-time classic: “What a wonderful world”, by Louis Armstrong.

This time there was no criticism of the choice of theme. “I’m going to be very frank: when they gave us the list of those who sang today, I thought you were going to go. You shut my mouth, on a level … You surprised me. You deserve to stay. Your performance was incredible, “said Lali.

“Steffania showed us her ability as a performer and how she can give a song a new shape. He sang it extraordinarily well. It has left me crazy ”, expressed the participant’s coach.

The second to last participant of the night was Sergio Verón, who was not forced to change gender either. The 36-year-old from Buenos Aires, who usually sings with mariachis, had to interpret “La copa rota”, by Benito De Jesús, popularized by José Feliciano.

“You are too consistent. Today I spent all the time waiting for you to make a mistake and I could not find it. I congratulate you for the precision and for how you move us, “said Mau, after the presentation. “If I were Montaner, I would not be without this man. It’s wonderful, ”added Lali.

“Of all the participants, you are, as a person, the one with whom I most identify. I have not gone through the experience of singing on buses, but I started singing in the bars of Maracaibo and I know what it feels like, “added Montaner.

The last was Ignacio Sagalá, who lived his return after having consecrated himself as the winner of La Voz Argentina: The return and having chosen to be part of the Montaner team. The 19-year-old from Cordoba, who had not passed the blind auditions, gave a version of “Con te partiro”, by Andrea Boccelli.

“We were bad the day we didn’t choose him. We hadn’t had breakfast, “Lali joked after hearing it. “It annoys me that I didn’t turn around, but I’m too glad you covered our mouths at all of us. You broke it over and over again, ”Mau added.

“That the idea that we are deaf is not left. Everyone had their reason for not turning around. This boy is here because one of us asked him to sing something else. He verified with the second song, that it was not the one that was worth it, that it deserved to be in The return. He has just made a memorable performance ”, Montaner stated.

Then, it was time to know which were the five chosen by the coach to go to the quarterfinals. The first was Jacinta, followed by Denis and Axel, Ezequiel, Steffania and Ignacio. Bianca and Sergio, then, were out of the competition.

On Wednesday, it will be the turn to see which of the members of the Soledad team will go to the quarterfinals.

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Ricardo Montaner’s “family” decisions ended up harming several members of his team