Richard Gere turns 70 immersed in activism

Richard Gere turns 70 immersed in activism

Richard Gere achieved world fame with his roles as a seducer in American Gigolo, An Officer and a Gentleman O Pretty Woman, but it has always been characterized by having a strong social commitment. Now, to their 70 years, the actor is more immersed than ever in political activism.

Although he is still immersed in the world of cinema, his latest public appearances are linked to his humanitarian side. Just a few days ago brought food to immigrants rescued by the Spanish NGO Open Arms and who spent almost a month on a ship in the Mediterranean waiting to be welcomed by a country.

This type of work, to which he joins his repeated and harsh criticism against the president of your country, Donald Trump, Now the life of Gere is centered, although his numerous followers preserve in their retinas the image of the handsome heartthrob who conquered the cinema in the 80s and 90s.

His charismatic face first rose to fame in 1980 with American Gigolo; This seductive young man role would catapult him into movies like An Officer and a Gentleman“, for which he was first nominated for the Golden Globes thanks to his role as an aspiring cadet pilot, whose white uniform fell in love with an entire generation.

This success led to Francis Ford Coppola to incorporate him as the main character in the role of an attractive trumpeter in Cotton Club, set in a cabaret during the American Prohibition of the twenties.

The character who enshrined him in the cinema and spread his fame during the following generations was the one who gave life in the mythical Pretty Woman, where he played a rich businessman who, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, meets a prostitute played by a young woman Julia Roberts.

In 1993, the magazine People declared him with his wife Cindy Crawford as the most attractive couple of the year, and six years later, having concluded his marriage with the model, he was considered as the sexiest man in the world.

But the actor has never been carried away by the glamor of fame and has developed a great activism which in the 1990s focused on the Fight against AIDS and in the support for Tibetan Buddhism (religion he has professed since he was 24 years old).

He was one of the first to use the media endorsement of a gala such as the Oscar to criticize the politics of a country when denouncing in 1993, in full ceremony, the China’s oppression in Tibet.

These complaints against the Asian giant, which he accused of the “extermination of 1.2 million Tibetans”, led him to be branded as persona non grata by the Chinese authorities. Too Hollywood banned him from the Oscars for years for his political comment.

In the last decade, this humanitarian facet has grown even more, which he shares with his third wife, the Spanish Alejandra Silva -with whom he had his second child, after the birth of his marriage to the actress Carey Lowell-.

“We live with tragic stories of refugees escaping from horrible places and finding no home, rejecting them everywhere who have previously exploited all the way. The world we live in demands that we make a decision: yes we accept our responsibility or not “the actor noted in a recent interview.



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Richard Gere turns 70 immersed in activism