Shops in Bizkaia: Ana, the Bilbao stylist who inspires thousands of women on Instagram

Shops in Bizkaia: Ana, the Bilbao stylist who inspires thousands of women on Instagram

His good nose for fashion led him to launch his own image consulting project and open an inspirational profile on social networks that already exceeds 8,000 followers

Sarai Vazquez

Three and a half years ago, Ana Vijandi decided to found her own image office to help people find the style that defines them. “They come to me because they want to look and feel better,” he says. Above all, in a period of pandemic that seems to have forever changed our dialogue with fashion. »Many have been left and have entered a loop«, he points out. Vijandi becomes a support, a companion on the road that helps them get out of the pothole by analyzing their tastes, their silhouette, their routines and preferences. Only in this way is it possible to make a global scan of the client to detect the garments, the colors and the cuts with which to enhance an image, often turned off. “There are cases in which they have had a bad time, they wear black and don’t get out of there. I try to open their horizons by discovering a range of colors and options that they would never have imagined. Of course, you have to go with a positive attitude, otherwise I can’t help you », he says.

Ana always had a special nose for fashion. “I loved playing with the dolls and their dresses,” she recalls. She never had family references in the sector, but she did have a “gorgeous and elegant” mother from whom she and her sisters inherited the gift of good taste. Although he started working as a notary public, in his free time he decided to train in the professional course of ‘personal shopper’ and image consultancy of María Uranga. Thanks to this, and shortly after, he embarked on the adventure of creating his own project. A 360º illusion that ranges from personalized customer service to its most inspirational side through social networks.

Looks on Instagram that inspire thousands of women

And it is that this Bilbao woman has carved out a 2.0 profile on Instagram that has become a stimulus for fashion lovers. In it, he shares exquisite combinations daily where basic pieces are mixed with trendy brushstrokes. Come on, what she understands as a perfect wardrobe. A virtual mirror that reveals the personality of its creator and where more than 8,000 followers are already looking at each other. “They love. In August I made a small break and they already told me that they wanted September to start to see my proposals, “he adds.

Ana boasts an elegant, simple and French-style style that responds to “less is more.” She is not a friend of large prints, but she is a friend of monochrome looks. Never underestimate the power of a good coat, a good bag or a white pants in summer, the kind that get you out of more than one unexpected predicament. And as for the heel, it has been progressively lowered from them, except in certain events in which those 8 or 10 centimeters in height are never too much. “Now I usually wear Mary Janes or sneakers,” he says. And the thing is, his style has also evolved according to the years, times and trends. At 45, he takes risks, surprises and gets it right, many times thanks to local businesses. Pope Selection, La Côte, Blondie, Her, Ambali, N32, Coquette or Mercules are some of its Biscayan references.

It is also right with its clients, who not only come from our territory, but also come from Tenerife, Madrid or Malaga. “In the last year the business has been picking up volume”, he tells us. He helps them build a “capsule closet” and recommends doing a good closet cleaning twice a year, coinciding with the changes of the season. “It’s very lazy, but you have to take out all the clothes, otherwise they accumulate, we can’t see all of them and we forget about them,” he acknowledges. His foolproof method is to divide them into three piles: in the first, the clothes that we have not worn in three years or more; in the second, the doubts; in the third, the sentimental pieces that we are not going to throw away. “There is always a sister or friend who can use those clothes that we do not use,” he adds.

Once we have selected what works for us and what does not, it is simple: you have to empty to invest again. Of course, with a head. And the thing is that his key is “to stay only with the clothes that you wear and make you happy”, a mantra that he shares with a famous Japanese guru of order. “I’m very Marie Kondo, at home they fear me,” he jokes.


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Shops in Bizkaia: Ana, the Bilbao stylist who inspires thousands of women on Instagram