The Batman: Star says it’s completely unlike any other character movie

The Batman: Star says it’s completely unlike any other character movie

Christopher Nolan gave us a series of Batman movies much more realistic than any of them we had seen before. Needless to say, it was also the culprit that people expected DC movies to have a dark and serious tone. As the MCU gained traction, this is what has helped Warner’s superhero movies stand out from their competition. At least before Zack Snyder left that studio and they started making movies with a lighter and more comical tone, as is the case with Shazam! – 88%.

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The point is that Matt Reeves’ The Batman has made it more than clear that it is going to be a serious and brutal movie. Beyond the scene of the trailer in which Batman mercilessly beats any criminal, in this version The Riddler is a serial killer to the zodiac who kills corrupt policemen. That takes her years away from bad jokes from Shazam, both the infantile ones, and those that are not so much.

In fact, not long ago the Twitter user @blurayangel He said a friend of hers saw it at a test screening and that the film is a horror film precisely because of Paul Dano’s portrayal of that character. This could well be an exaggeration or even a simple rumor.

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What is not a rumor is what Jeffrey Wright, the actor who will play Commissioner Gordon in that film, just said. The actor had a conversation with IndieWire. There he said that the movie is going to be completely different from all the previous versions that we have seen so far. And what is it that is going to distinguish it? The actor has assured that it will be much more realistic. Mostly because it’s going to bring social issues like class tensions and corruption to the table, but generally because I feel like Gotham City here is going to feel like it actually exists in the real world. Here his words:

I saw the issues of corruption and class tensions and all those things that he wanted to bring from the outside world to make it relevant. It’s bringing fiction to non-fiction in a way that is balanced and really cool. Gotham City is like no Gotham we’ve seen before. It was a Gotham we could touch. From the way the Batmobile was described, I understood that we were looking for an aesthetic that was really palpable. If you squint in a New York alley, we might see her appear.

This statement is really interesting, but it also makes us think that maybe you didn’t see Joker – 91%. That film presented us with a tremendously realistic Gotham City and realistically delved into social issues.

It is not the first time that the actor talks about the film. A little over a month ago the actor gave a different interview for The Hollywood Reporter in which he spoke well of the film, but also of the difficulties that the pandemic presented during filming:

It was gothic. It was detective, if that’s a word. It was mysterious and complicated. It was difficult due to the conditions we were working in. It was an isolation for those of us who were away from home, out of the country, in London. I have experienced more quarantines than anyone would have liked, coming and going in the last six months. So it was quite stubborn to try to pull it off. But what I’ll say about it is also that it was really rewarding because we all came together around the purpose of doing our job, making this movie, protecting each other, and getting through it together.

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The Batman: Star says it’s completely unlike any other character movie