The Seven Lives of Bradley Cooper | Celebrities, Vips

The Seven Lives of Bradley Cooper |  Celebrities, Vips

Inside the Actors Studio is an interview program for actors broadcast since 1994 on American television (In Spain, on Movistar +) and which is also presented by the interpreter James Lipton. He presented, rather, because just a few days ago he announced his retirement at the age of 92, leaving the space in the hands of a rotating group of hosts. One of the iconic parts of the program occurs right at the end, when it is the current students of the drama school associated with the organization who directly address the Robert De Niro or Sean Penn on duty. At the beginning of the century, a young man with blond hair and a three-day beard appeared on the screen to ask the two Oscar winners a question. The 24-year-old would return to the show in 2011, but this time sitting in the guest chair. He couldn’t stop crying during the entire recording. That aspiring Bradley Cooper can now boast of calling Robert De Niro “father” after collaborating with him on up to four films and having a confessed admirer at Penn., who claimed that his directorial debut was “the best he had seen in years.” Was referring to A star has been born, one of the most anticipated films of the year with Lady Gaga and Cooper as protagonists, and which will be released this October 5 after having won over critics and audiences on the festival calendar. But the star who is now Bradley Cooper had to overcome several obstacles to achieve shine more brightly than anyone in the Hollywood firmament. This is how he did it.

Bradley Cooper poses on the red carpet at the 2016 Shanghai Film Festival. Photo: Getty

Stage 1: Handsome consort

Bradley Cooper’s beginnings in the seventh art cannot be described as meteoric. Host of a (crappy) travel show, episodic roles in series such as Sex in New York and a good number of romantic comedies (Bride by contract, From wedding to wedding, What’s wrong with men) as a gallant consort, more demanding to look physical attractive than acting talent. Nevertheless, he claims to have been discarded in a casting for “not being f **** ble.” The title of ‘sexiest man alive in the world’ would later condemn this statement and make his mother “very happy”. His first recognizable entry on IMDB would come with a supporting role in the spy series. Alias.

bradley cooper

‘From wedding to wedding’ was one of her first roles in the cinema. In the picture, with Rachel McAdams. Foto: New Line

Stage 2: Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At the age of 29, his severe addiction led him to have suicidal thoughts and to ask the person in charge of the series, JJ Abrams (Lost, The Force Awakens) to separate him from successful fiction by feeling that the relevance of his character had diminished. I wanted to drop everything. “If I continued [con el consumo] I was going to sabotage my whole life ”, confessed the actor. On one occasion he even deliberately hit his head on the ground several times, ending up in hospital. In 2006 he married the also interpreter Jennifer Esposito, from whom he would divorce in just a few months. Cooper claims to have managed to stay sober to date and it was just at that turnaround that things started to work out for him. The paradox is that it was all due to a tremendous hangover.

bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper, along with Jennifer Garner, in his first major role in the series ‘Alias’. Photo: ABC

Stage 3: Leader of the ‘cipotudo’ humor

A Golden Globe for the best comedy or musical film, 400 million euros of collection worldwide (it cost 30) that would be surpassed in the second part, and instant stardom. Hangover in Las Vegas, the highest grossing comedy for over 18s in history, in addition to being one of the most unexpected successes in Hollywood of this century, it also his rise as an idol for a whole generation of young people. Cooper’s finding was that audiences fell for Phil Wenneck, a backward-looking, narcissistic and injury-prone college teacher, thanks to the natural charm of his interpreter.

bradley cooper

Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms in ‘The Hangover’. Photo: Warner Bros

Stage 4: The search for the statuette

At the beginning of this decade Cooper had everything on his face. Named the sexiest man alive in the world, he chained blockbusters and it seemed a matter of time before he decided to take root in the mecca of cinema with some superhero of those who fill you with two decades of work based on sagas. But the actor decided to double down and try to achieve what billionaire stars have risked even their physical health for (hello, Leo DiCaprio): respect for film critics. Cooper has tried to prove that those who claim that his acting talent is not up to its media coverage are wrong and that it is entirely deserved that his name appears on the so-called A List of Hollywood. From the hand of renowned directors such as David O. Russell or Clint Eastwood, achieved the milestone of being nominated for an Oscar in three consecutive editions by The good side of things, The great American scam and The Sniper. You are still yearning for your first statuette and may not have to wait long to get it.

bradley cooper

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in ‘The Bright Side of Things’. Foto: Weinstein Company

Stage 5: The Elephant Man

The forging of a name in the pages of culture was not limited to the sets, it also encompassed the stages of Broadway and London’s West End. Cooper, at the peak of his popularity, withdrew from filming blockbuster to dedicate himself body and soul to the text that made him fall in love with the profession thanks to the David Lynch film. Such was his obsession with The elephant Man that turned it into his thesis for the drama school of the Actors Studio. Accompanied by Patricia Clarkson (Open wounds), the performer garnered much-desired critical attention. “Cooper reminds us that some stars can act. It is impressive ”, published The Guardian. All while beginning a very discreet sentimental relationship with the model Irina Shayk and the fruit of which Lea, her only daughter, was born.

bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper and the rest of the cast of ‘The Elephant Man’ greet audiences at its Broadway premiere. Photo: Getty

Stage 6: “Star” filmmaker

Many called the presentation of A star has been born as part of the film lineup of the prestigious Venice Film Festival. The movie, remake From a classic story made into a movie on different occasions (the last one starring Barbra Streisand in 1976), it was supposed to become a box office melodrama with no major prize ambition. But Bradley Cooper, who already surprised by getting behind the camera for the first time in his career by replacing another of his teachers – Clint Eastwood – was convinced that the musical was destined for higher heights. He was not mistaken, the critics have raved about the reinterpretation of a contemporary myth (that of the self-destructive artist and the promise with talent to polish) played by a surprising Lady Gaga and Cooper himself, who also shines as a filmmaker. “What makes him so good is that he directs by making you look at what is happening, not at his handling of the camera. The characters above all. It is the mark of a great storyteller. It is the birth of a star director “, states the British edition of GQ. A star has been born, which opens this October 5 in Spain, already part as one of the favorites for the next Oscars.

bradley cooper

‘A Star is Born’ opens this October 5 in theaters. Photo: Warner Bros

Stage 7: Now what?

The projection of Bradley Cooper seems far from peaking. In the absence of knowing if the next appointment at the Dolby Theater will grant him a place on the list of great actors who also triumphed behind the camera (Eastwood, Redford, Clooney), he has not put aside his acting career and we will see him accompanying the return as an interpreter of Eastwood in The Mule this very december. Currently in pre-production is also his second film as director / protagonist: the biopic of the composer Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story), of whom in this 2018 the centenary of his birth is celebrated. This star is not fleeting.

bradley cooper

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper at the last edition of the Met Gala. Photo: Getty

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The Seven Lives of Bradley Cooper | Celebrities, Vips