“Wicked Game”, the video that introduced us to Helena Christensen

“Wicked Game”, the video that introduced us to Helena Christensen

‘”Wicked Game” is one of those songs that belong to the curse of the One Hit Wonder: singles that become iconic hymns that sound around the world at one time, but that are the only successful creation that some musicians have (even some being more forgotten than the song itself). However, being a One Hit Wonder it is also a kind of blessing: the theme remains engraved in the history of popular culture and, even if it was launched decades ago, some people put it over and over again.

But, this theme of Chris Isaak It is even more important for one important factor: the music video that accompanied it, and that it became one of the most unforgettable visuals of all the 90s, being remembered even now.

Presented in black and white, engraved on a hawaii beach and presenting the unusual Helena Christensen, it was the perfect visual version of the song, denoting its sensuality, a kind of melancholic emotion and revealing the obsession within the lyrics of the song.

The video for “Wicked Game” it was done by the director Herb Ritts, professional photographer known for taking pictures of Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Johnny Depp, David Bowie, working for Vogue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Elle, Esquire, Glamor, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and more fashion publications, so we can undoubtedly notice the influence on the track. The aim was to create a kind of fashion film, And there was no better female lead than Danish Helena Christensen, who became an icon on her own after the video.

Although Christensen She was already known in the fashion circuits in Paris at the end of the 80s, it was not until after her appearance in the video that she became an international star, working in many of the publications that we already mentioned, in campaigns recognized by her sensuality. The fact that he appeared shirtless in the video influenced that perspective and became a goal for any campaign.

The impact of the video was so much that VHI put it in their number 13 of the 100 best videos until the beginning of the century, and currently continues to appear as one of the sexiest in history.

In fact, it is likely that the song and the impact it currently has were a direct consequence of the video and its integration into the film of David Lynch, Wild at Heart, con Nicolas Cage.

Helena Christensen

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Chris Isaak lanzó “Wicked Game” as a single from his album Heart Shaped World, but it was not until after it appeared on the Lynch tape that it became a hit and a video was released that would push it further (in fact there is also a version of the video close to Lynch’s vision, but it has remained forgotten). On USA The song reached number 6 on the Billboard chart during the month of January, and has been listed in books that mention the best songs in history.

Undoubtedly the theme of Isaak it’s excellent, and it was a matter of luck to get that boost. Of course, he never managed to match that impact, but it was enough to sustain his career, which continues to this day. And it is that perhaps his music is not for everyone, but at that moment in history, everything converged for an explosion. So it’s not a One Hit Wonder any. Is something special.

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“Wicked Game”, the video that introduced us to Helena Christensen