David Bowie and his stage as a visual artist (photos of his paintings)

David Bowie and his stage as a visual artist (photos of his paintings)

David Bowie, the famous musician and composer, was also a fan of other artistic genres and not just music. Bowie loved painting, it was a facet of the artist that many do not know, but it was a reality. Even today his paintings have been auctioned and sold for thousands of dollars. Bowie would surely be stumped by what is being done with his quaint creations.

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David Bowie, the plastic artist

Bowie, studied art, music and design at the School of Art de Croydon, maintained a strong friendship with the most prominent artists of his time, such as Andy Warhol y Jean-Michel Basquiat. David Bowie, was also an inveterate art collector and he himself devoted much of his life to painting, especially when he moved to Berlin in 1976 to detoxify from cocaine, the musician needed a life preserver.

However, Bowie was a self-conscious painter, worried that he would not be taken seriously, he only exhibited twice in his life and the first was almost in silence, at The Gallery, on London’s Cork Street.. The exhibition was titled: New Afro / Pagan and Work: 1975-1995, The artist exhibited more than 20 paintings, Afro sculptures and wall papers in which the painter Lucian Freud appeared submerged in a formaldehyde tank and a gelding minotaur, a tribute to Picasso, on a traditional typically English floral background.

Paintings by David Bowie.

Artistic influences of David Bowie

His paintings were influenced by German Expressionist art, his works were cruelly compared to the artistic steps of the Prince of Wales. In 1996, Bowie’s art reappeared at the Daniel Blaise Thorens Gallery in Basel. Afterwards, nothing was heard of Bowie and his stage as a visual artist, although according to people close to the artist, he continued to be close to brushes and drawing, making collages and generating computer images until his death in 2016.

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Paintings by David Bowie.

How much does a David Bowie painting cost

A few months ago, a painting of the British singer was bought by one person at an estimated price of 7,400 to 10,000 US dollars. The work measures 20 x 25 cm and it is a profile portrait.

This painting of Bowie, was sold for the first time in 2001 on a website dedicated to the singer, the painting was sold and ended up in a charity shop in Ontario, where an anonymous would buy it for the modest amount of 4 dollars.

Rob Cowley, president of the auction house, mentioned to AFP, what; «The work was painted between 1995 and 1997 as part of a series of David Bowie portraits (called Dead Heads or DHeads) of the artist himself or relatives. It is signed and dated 1997 on the back ».

David Bowie, a great exponent of British rock, but not only in the world of rock, left his mark in the world of art, film, music and fashion. Bowie has sold nearly 140 million records. He died at age 69 of cancer on January 10, 2016.


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David Bowie and his stage as a visual artist (photos of his paintings)