Ed Sheeran’s changes in his life to lose weight

Ed Sheeran’s changes in his life to lose weight

Although there is no single way to lose weight, anyone who wants to lose weight will experience changes in your diet and physical activity. Doctors and nutritionists often recommend a diet based on whole products (fruit, vegetables and legumes) in combination with a lifestyle away from sedentary lifestyle.

Each individual chooses to lose weight and lose weight for different reasons and at different times. However, the goal is always the same: to gain health. Musician Ed Sheeran has told the BBC that the turning point that led him to want get rid of those extra pounds it was the end of his last tour.

“This is the first time that I am really healthy,” Sheeran has confessed. The artist was immersed in a routine in which he took “food to go every day.” Now, he has dropped “all the bad habits in my life” and has begun to “Exercise every day”.

The advantages of giving up beer

Although she prefers not to throw flowers when confessing that this change “just happened”, Sheeran has confessed that he no longer eats “Chicken wings and two bottles of wine every night.” And, the process to follow a healthy lifestyle began in 2017, when the singer lost 22 kilos by eliminating only beer from his diet.

The artist was immersed in a routine in which he ate “take out food every day” (Reuters / Lucas Jackson)

“Now I went back to drinking beer, because I’m fine, but I stopped doing it regularly and I spend my time exercising, which was quite strange for me.” In December 2019, Sheeran confessed in an interview on the ‘Behind the Metal’ podcast that zero beer consumption it was followed by his abandonment of tobacco: “I stopped smoking three years ago, and since then I have been exercising.”

The singer’s sports routine includes run 45 minutes in the morning, an activity that sometimes combines swimming or squats. Added to this exercise is the wear and tear of their performances. Although from the outside he looks like a man with a guitar and multiple microphones, concerts require a lot of movement that contributes to weight loss.

The hard work of the artist

“I’m jumping all the time, when the concert ends I’m drenched in sweat”, He confessed. In fact, the singer has revealed what many artists suffer: the heat given by the spotlights used in any type of venue.

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The confidential

Now Ed Sheeran looks like a new man. The artist, who made public in 2020 that in 2018 he had married to a former high school classmate, just became a father. These series of innovations that have become part of his life seem to have made him think about his state of health. Although the life of a star implies “eating badly and drinking”, Sheeran has taken advantage of the months of hiatus to take care of himself.

Ed Sheeran has taken advantage of the months when he was not on tour to take care of himself

In short, to lose weight and lose weight it will be necessary to follow a healthy diet in combination with a physical exercise away from sedentary lifestyle. Although experts advise taking whole products, it will not be necessary to nip the consumption of our favorite foods. Like Sheeran, the only thing not to do is avoid consuming them every day.

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Ed Sheeran’s changes in his life to lose weight