Elvis Presley was destined to die young

Elvis Presley was destined to die young

The journalist and historian Sally A. Hoedel has published the book ‘Destined to die young’ in which she tells how the singer’s life was affected by his bad genetics.

The collective imagination is clear that the King of Rock succumbed to the typical excesses of the entertainment world due to the biographies published after his death. Among them, the most prominent was that of Albert Goldman, which, according to Hoedel, “distorts the figure of the singer.” This is why the author has wanted to contribute to give a new approach to the artist’s life.

Portada del libro ‘Destined to die young’ de Sally A. Hoedel.

Third parties

Bad genetics

According to this new book, Elvis Presley suffered from a deficiency of Alpha 1-antitrypsin, an inhibitor responsible for protecting tissues from proteases, which in turn are responsible for assimilation into protein enzymes. This deficiency mainly attacks the lungs and liver, causes colon problems and weakens the immune system, as well as can cause insomnia.

This is why, since childhood, the singer had problems in 9 of the 11 systems that make up the body, which were aggravated by the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

His family already had a long history of premature deaths

This genetic condition could be due to the incestuous relationships in the singer’s family, since, as the book develops, his maternal grandparents were first cousins. In addition, in his family history there are also cases of health problems very similar to those of Elvis, among which are three of his uncles and his mother.

Hoedel believes that the fact that Gladys, the singer’s mother, died at 46 and Elvis at 42 was not a coincidence. “They had a 4-year period in which her health was deteriorating, which is interesting because she did not take the same medications as her son.”

Consumption of drugs

One of the most mentioned characters after Elvis’s death was his doctor, George “Nick” Nichopoulos, who prescribed the medications he took. “Dr. Nick was a controversial figure. According to my research, he always tried to help Elvis, although there was a time when the line between friend and doctor blurred. ” The author comments. “One of the reasons Elvis took medication was pain. Sometimes he drank too much because he wanted to find a way to be Elvis Presley. “

The use of drugs became a problem, but you have to ask yourself, why did you start taking them in the first place? “

Sally A. Hoedel

The author also emphasizes the fact that few people knew about the singer’s state of health. “His health problems were varied, but he was able to hide them so well that over-medication is the only thing we remember now.” “The use of drugs became a problem, but you have to ask yourself why did you start taking them in the first place?”

The Memphis Mafia

Throughout his career, the King of Rock made a pretense of retiring, but he always ended up returning to the stage. According to Hoedel in his book, Presley was aware of the responsibility he carried on his shoulders: he was in charge of supporting his family, his gang and the so-called ‘Memphis Mafia’, which numbered more than 100 people. . On his return to the stage in the 70s, the singer already announced the reason for his return: “I’m sick, I don’t feel well, but I can’t stop because everyone depends on me.”

It was difficult being Elvis, no one had ever had a fame like that before. “

Sally A. Hoedel

It is from these statements that the author considers that Elvis was not a drug addict trying to escape from reality. “Elvis’s story is seen as one of destruction, but it is a futile struggle to survive, through poverty and then through health problems,” says the author. “It was difficult being Elvis, no one had ever had a fame like that before, and no one else could do it for him. He was trying to function within his reality. “

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Elvis Presley was destined to die young