Experience the impossible with Lenny Kravitz and the fragrance Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent | People

Experience the impossible with Lenny Kravitz and the fragrance Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent |  People

“And why not?” is a mantra in the life of the multifaceted Lenny Kravitz. Independent, dreamer, experimenter and (sometimes) reckless, from a very young age he knew where he wanted to orient his life. A performance by the Jackson Five at Madison Square Garden, when he was six or seven years old, was the moment of revelation. “After that concert, I felt the call. The impeccable show, the energy of the audience … At that moment it was clear to me and from that day on my only obsession was to live off music, ”the 56-year-old New York artist confesses excitedly.

Kravitz’s work is characterized by its daring. As a singer, actor, composer, instrumentalist and producer, he defies the established order, lives without fear, exceeds limits, is true to his intuition. In short, it is exquisitely provocative. These qualities, which make him unique, make him an excellent ambassador for the fragrance Y Le Parfum, by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. “A versatile creator, Kravitz could not fit in better with everything that Y represents,” they say from the brand. He is not the first in his family to represent the perfumer. His daughter Zoë, also a singer and actress, has been collaborating with YSL Beauté since 2017. The circumstance fills her father with pride: “For once I manage to follow in the footsteps of my daughter Zoë as a brand ambassador, and I love it,” says Kravitz .

Y Le Parfum’s television campaign has been the beginning of this symbiotic relationship between the cosmetic manufacturer and the artist. Directed by the acclaimed Anton Corbijn, the video outlines Kravitz’s life with nods to his adolescence and the highlights of his career. How could it be otherwise, the soundtrack is Are you gonna go my way?, the success that made Kravitz a global star in 1993. “It’s Lenny’s journey, but it perfectly reflects everything Y stands for,” says Corbjin.

And Le Parfum: beyond the limits

Intense and daring, And Le Parfum shares with Kravitz its adventurous and experienced essence. It is a step forward in men’s perfumery by exploring the fresher and more sensual side of the genre. fern. It is the richest variation of the Y family, an energetic olfactory statement that combines the luminosity of lavender and the strength of black cedar. The master perfumer Dominique Ropion, its creator, considers his work to be “very coherent from the first touch to the last base notes”.

To achieve all this olfactory delicacy, the ingredients are essential. “The fragrance has as its top notes the essence of grapefruit and elemi, a rare resin of pine and incense that adds a new revitalizing touch to the citrus and pungent essence of ginger, the green apple accord and aldehydes, which they are already a characteristic signature of Y Eau de Parfum ”, explains Ropion. “I created a more concentrated orange blossom and coumarin accord at the heart of the fragrance and added a velvety scent of patchouli in the base notes to make it even more enveloping.”

To these ingredients are added new qualities of other already known components, all natural and created exclusively for YSL Beauté. On the one hand, the heart of Diva lavender, grown in mountainous areas of French Provence, and French lavandin, obtained from sustainable cultivation, give the fragrance a velvety texture of singular intensity. On the other hand, the Virginia cedar heart (United States), a classic in men’s perfumery whose aroma is reminiscent of a recently sharpened pencil, is also different on this occasion as it is obtained by molecular distillation to emphasize the warmer and creamier face of this. tree. Discover Y Le Parfum here.

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Experience the impossible with Lenny Kravitz and the fragrance Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent | People