Robert Downey Jr. and the routine for those who do not love exercise

Robert Downey Jr. and the routine for those who do not love exercise

The Dr. Brad Bose, one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed trainers, he worked with Robert Downey Jr. And he had a simple goal: to overcome the 77 kilos of Iron Man 2, all quickly, and without disturbing the actor too much. “We had to do very drastic things,” said the coach in an interview, who had three months to achieve this goal.

The routine of Robert Downey Jr.

The coach I had already worked with Downey (style icon) for the first Iron Man, where they worked for 10 months, adding almost 10 kilos to the character, giving him a muscular shape but not Hulk or Thor level. Later he worked with him on Sherlock Holmes where he had to lose a little weight, but also having an athletic approach since he had to see himself as a well-trained fighter of the MMA. For that he had to be slim but muscular and, according to the coach, they achieved it with two machines, the Perfect Storm y la Ab Coaster, which made the cardio exercises and weights. On the other hand, Downey had to train with a kung fu instructor.

For that reason, the actor felt too tired to enter the skin of Iron Man. Sherlock Holmes he had demanded too much and it was too early to go on. This is when he said, “If I have to get under some weights or squat, I’m going to kill myself. I don’t have the motivation ”. So the main challenge for the coach was to make training fun.

In addition to a protein-packed diet, Downey (who has several lessons for us) delved into an alternative method of exercising, designed by Bose, who blogged: “I use equipment and methods that most coaches don’t think about or know about, and our work on Iron Man highlighted some of those tools.”

According Bose, one method involved a Mongolian tool or weapon called Meel, which is like a stick, which could be used by the actor to move it over his head and move it around. Another object he used is “the pineapple”, which is a vibrating platform that works the core and muscles of the legs while exercising on it. According to the expert: “we try to use more traditional equipment, but one of the keys to giving Robert an unconventional look was to use calculated and integrated machines and methodologies.

The coach notes that there was no set routine, but rather an unconventional method was followed to gain weight and muscle without taking too long. However, exercises were used with truck tires, hoses (which are filled with sand and water), bamboo bars, weight sleds (with 25 kilos of weight with a long rope), among others. He also noted that the actor looked more like a construction worker due to the way he trained. Later other equipment such as the vortex, the vibrating plate o la speed board. In general they were resistance and weight exercises, constantly changing the exercises so as not to bore the actor or force him too much.

Among the recommendations it gives Bose to avoid getting bored like Downey, points out that if you do a long session of cardio followed by strength training, try to do 10 minutes of cardio between each set of weights. On the other hand, he points out that, when you do strength exercise, do different exercises in a different order each time so that it is not always the same. Finally, point out that you can change or alternate between your cardio every time you exercise or every week. Spice up the routine a bit. Do you think you can follow this system?

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Robert Downey Jr. and the routine for those who do not love exercise