Robert Downey Jr. talks about how the MCU influenced his investment career

Robert Downey Jr. talks about how the MCU influenced his investment career

Nowadays the superhero cinema is nothing new, and every year we have at least three films that reach the billboards of the city’s cinemas, without forgetting the film and television titles that arrive on digital transmission platforms. It is true that the presence of these fantastic characters is not something new or exclusive to Marvel and DC, but it is recognized that in the last 13 years their presence on the screens has become more important.

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On the particular side of Marvel Studios, he started his way from scratch by starting to invest and produce his own films, betting first on a character not so popular as Spider-Man or Thor, and it was Iron Man – Iron Man – 93%, who also became the face of the entire franchise. On the other hand, they had the initiative to not only put the superheroes on the screen, but also generated a whole universe with interconnected stories and encounters between the characters.

When Robert Downey Jr. was the first to join the ranks of the studio, he had just gone through the most difficult moment of his life and career, because after being a victim of his addictions, everything seemed to indicate that his place as an actor was destroyed and few trusted him to give him a leading role; What no one imagined at the time would be that Iron Man would help him elevate his career and popularity in an exuberant way.

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A couple of years ago, after the premiere of Avengers: Endgame – 95%, the actor said goodbye to Tony Stark to continue on his way after a decade, but there is no doubt that in some way the character had an impact on his life, and that was demonstrated during a recent interview (via Comic Book), where he explained that both the origin of the MCU and his role as a millionaire scientist inspired him to start as an investor in favor of the planet.

If I learned anything in my years with Marvel, unfortunately, even some utopian chapter, [es que] money moves everything. [Hay que] take advantage of innovation to make it commonplace. There was no Marvel Cinematic Universe 13 years ago, and a small group of motivated people gambled with each other and then worked hard for a decade. For me, the future is uncertain, but the credibility gap was a little faster due to this strange association with this certain character that I played, who understood technology and understood how to put it to work for creative and existential problem solving.

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In this conversation Downey Jr. refers to the role the MCU played when he decided to found The Footprint Coalition, an association of investors that seeks to save and clean the planet through nanotechnology, where they also offer the public informative and entertaining content about their objectives, demonstrating that it is not only about putting money on the table, but also having knowledge of how science could save the life of mankind.

The Goal of the Sherlock Holmes Actor Foundation – 70% is investing in companies committed to sustainability and making donations to other non-profit organizations to restore environmental problems. During the Amazon Re: Mars conference held in 2019 (via CNN) said he hoped to make significant progress in at least ten years, after the official launch in spring 2020.


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Robert Downey Jr. talks about how the MCU influenced his investment career