The In-Edit festival returns to the cinema with more than 50 documentaries

The In-Edit festival returns to the cinema with more than 50 documentaries

The In-Edit Festival of musical documentary film will be present again in its next edition, which will take place in Barcelona from October 28 to November 7.

It will offer more than fifty documentaries in an edition that, after the virtual version of last year due to the pandemic, will once again summon fans to the Aribau cinemas.

The presentation of the edition held yesterday had the added element of the premiere as coordinator of the festival program by Toni Querol, who takes over from Luis Hidalgo, who has been the artistic director of the cycle for the last 17 years.

Going into the matter, the director of the festival, Uri Altell located this return to the big screen as proof of “the excellent state in which the musical documentary is found”, while Dani Granados, representing the Icub, said that “there is to celebrate the return of face-to-face festivals, such as In-Edit, which is an extraordinary window to understand the real and living history of music ”.

A close-up of the film ‘American rapstar’ that will open the In-Edit


The one in charge of raising the curtain will be the film American Rapstar, an analysis of the recent generation of young North American rappers who express themselves through the SoundCloud platform. A theme that is also angular in another prominent film in the official section such as Crestone, with a soundtrack created by members of the Animal Collective.

Other titles in this section are Fanny, about the first group made up of girls to publish an album with a multinational; I’m a Woman; Lydia Lunch, around the mythical figure of the no wave; Medium, about the pianist Margarita Fernández; Other, like me: the oral history of Coum & Throbbing Gristle, and Poly Styrene, about one of the most unorthodox singers in British punk. A significant fact is that in this official section the female presence is the majority.

Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan, visceral and first singer of the Pogues, is the protagonist of ‘Crock of gold’, directed by Julien Temple


In the National Section, the In-Edit will screen the documentaries Something wild. The story of Bambino; Burrull: a buit that s’ha d’omplir –Which includes the recording of the last project of the recently deceased Catalan pianist–; Desglaç; The song of the Sibil·la; Nine Sevillas, a vision of the most heterodox flamenco from the hand of Pedro G. Romero and Gonzalo García Pelayo; Paco Loco: long live the ‘noise; I go back to the basement; Trance, on the figure of Jorge Pardo, and The man drawn. A conversation with Jaume Sisa.

Out of competition, the documentaries about a-ha, Idles, Dinosaur Jr, Moby, Sparks, Billie Holliday, Jane Birkin – directed by his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg -, Shane MacGowan, Héroes del Silencio, Tina Turner or Frank Zappa stand out.


The recently deceased Francesc Burrull gives life to ‘Burrull: a buit que s’ha d’omplir’


In addition, the Sónar Festival will present a selection of four audiovisual works as part of the In-Edit and on the occasion of the SónarCCCB celebration. Specifically, a one-hour compilation of the best performances at Sónar in its 25 years and three documentaries with electronic music as the axis: Sisters with transistors, about the pioneers of this type of music; A symphony of noise. Matthew Herbert’s revolution, a documentary about the British musician; and Laurent Garnier: off the record, who follows the evolutions of one of the most brilliant DJs in the world for three years.

The tickets are already on sale on the festival website, but not the tickets for the individual sessions since, as the director of the cycle, Uri Altell, recalled, the capacity limitations that will be in the days are still unknown at this point of the sample. The subscription modalities are various (5 tickets for 33 euros, 8 tickets for 50 euros and 12 tickets for 72 euros), while the tickets, when they come out, will range between 6.50 and 8.50 euros.

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The In-Edit festival returns to the cinema with more than 50 documentaries