The Rolling Stones release an unreleased song, the rocker ‘Living In The Heart Of Love’ | Summer Magazine

The Rolling Stones release an unreleased song, the rocker ‘Living In The Heart Of Love’ |  Summer Magazine

There is not a month, almost since they were born back in the early sixties, in which the Rolling Stones do not spread any news. Either they are performing, or they edit new songs, or they reissue records … A few days ago, the group of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards announced that they are resuming the tour No Filter by the end of September of this 2021 and now they release an unreleased song to warm up the reissue of the 1981 album Tattoo You. Is named Living In The Heart Of Love, a rock song in which Jagger howls: “I’m trying so hard to be your lover, I’m trying so hard …”. The song, composed by the Jagger / Richards tandem, starts with the common places that the stonianos: the riff of Richards guitar until Charlie Watts drums come in and everything begins to crystallize in that rock and roll dirty so identifiable. Special mention to Nicky Hopkins’ piano, which sounds underneath the entire song. This song will be one of the nine unreleased that the reissue of the album will include, which is announced for October 22.

There are many followers who consider Tattoo You the Stones’ last great record. Maybe they are right. The picky eaters point out that you should go further back until you reach Some Girls, 1978. The truth is that the group has only released six albums with original songs since 1981. Six in 40 years. Lots of direct in-between and a decent album of blues covers, Blue & Lonesome, in 2016.

The relevance of Tattoo You goes beyond the songs: the tour to present the album marked the return of the band to stadium concerts. The Spanish public especially appreciates the work, since it was the perch for the historic concerts of July 1982 at the Vicente Calderón stadium. The rojiblanco arena is no longer standing, nor have people returned to splash so happily with such a wild storm.

Other relevant data from Tattoo You: the last great classic of the band is included, Start Me Up, fixed since then in the recitals of the English. The surprising thing about this work is that it is made of scraps, discarded songs from recording sessions of years ago that were taking shape to complete the album. Within the meter of bad relations between Jagger and Richards this time is listed as one of the most critical. The lack of communication between them impeded the creative process. But the machine can never stop, so they opened the drawer of unfinished songs and got to work … each one in their control booth, hardly speaking. It was on the subsequent tour that they stopped joining in a single microphone to sing, a mythical image in their concerts of the seventies.

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Another of the unreleased songs of the nine announced will be a version of a recording of the bluesman Jimmy Reed (favorito de Neil Young), Shame, Shame, Shame. The song has already been played in a special concert, as you can see in this video. Another is the soul piece Drift Away. All are recordings that followers have been listening to in pirated editions and that with some patience can be found on platforms such as YouTube. The official version is supposed to come with better sound.

The group’s news is also focused on the US tour, which will begin on September 26 in St. Louis and will end, after 13 dates, in Austin on November 20. It will be the first round of performances by some stars before large audiences after the trail of suspensions due to the pandemic. But the return is bittersweet, as the silent and endearing Charlie Watts will not be with his drumsticks for medical reasons. “Today I have accepted, following the advice of the experts, that this will take a while. For once, my times have been a bit out of place ”, commented Watts, who does not think about leaving the group despite always being the most disdainful when it comes to touring and being the oldest, at 80 years. The touch of his wrist, always stately, on his simple drums will be missed. But the show, at the Stones, must always go on …

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The Rolling Stones release an unreleased song, the rocker ‘Living In The Heart Of Love’ | Summer Magazine