Where have the rebels gone ?: the legendary Van Morrison will make his first virtual show after the controversy

Where have the rebels gone ?: the legendary Van Morrison will make his first virtual show after the controversy

One way or another, Van Morrison it has always sailed against the current. In the mid-1960s, when his career was skyrocketing in the United States with Them, the influential rock group from Belfast, the singer decided to leave the band and pursue a solo career. Shortly after, after ringing its greatest classic to date, the irresistible Brown eyed girl (1967), the musician took a radical turn for his next album, the initially misunderstood Astral weeks (1968), today considered a masterpiece for its combination of jazz, folk and Celtic imagination.

Where there have been no second readings or a hint of support from the specialized press has been with the latest statements by the acclaimed Northern Irish singer-songwriter, who during the peak of the pandemic in Europe was harshly questioned for criticizing the confinement measures decreed by the authorities of the Kingdom United, whom he described as “fascist thugs who disturb our peace.”

“Just as there should be freedom of the press, there should be freedom of expression (…) but if you make songs that are an expression of freedom of expression, you get a very negative reaction,” lamented Van Morrison, who has been branded as denialist for releasing anti-quarantine songs in the past year, with titles like Born to be free (Born to be free) and Do you want to be a slave? (Want to be a Slave?), A collaboration with Eric Clapton that made Variety magazine wonder “what world are these two artists living in?”

Although it is not yet clear whether or not the 75-year-old artist – born George Ivan Morrison – has changed his position since then, Van the Man turns the page and announces two new projects: an ambitious double album that will see the light of day. next Friday, May 7, the number 42 of his discography, followed by his first virtual show, scheduled for the next day and with ticket sales available to everyone (Chile included).

According to an announcement released today by his record label, the May 8 recital will be a celebration of Van Morrison’s new album, with a livestreaming of the singer-songwriter from the Real World Studios in Wiltshire in which he will premiere new songs along with a selection of classic themes.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased here, with access to the HD or 4K version of the event.

About the new album, baptized as Latest record project volume 1, the first reviews advance an ambitious work of 28 songs that crosses the classic sound spectrum of Van Morrison: blues, jazz, R&B and blue-eyed soul (as the soul made by whites is known), flavored with bohemia, whiskey and heartbreak.

From the jewel of R&B Jealousy even the cheerful and country A few bars early, through the energetic garage rock of Stop bitching, do something”, lists the official information delivered on an album for which there are already a couple of previews going around on platforms (Love should come with a warning, Only a song), and that according to the artist himself will function as a direct testimony about contemporary life.

In fact, according to the list of songs available on their website, there are a couple of album titles that suggest more incorrect opinions and potential new controversies for the artist, such as They own the media (They control the media), Why are you on Facebook? (Why are you on Facebook) and Where have all the Rebels gone? (Where have the rebels gone?).

Latest record project: volume 1 It is now available for pre-order and will be released in various formats, such as double CD, triple vinyl and digital.

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Where have the rebels gone ?: the legendary Van Morrison will make his first virtual show after the controversy