10 years without Amy Winehouse and the memory of Leiva: “It would have been the greatest of all time” | LOS40 Classic

10 years without Amy Winehouse and the memory of Leiva: “It would have been the greatest of all time” |  LOS40 Classic

Ten years have already passed since that July 23, 2011 in which Amy Winehouse appeared lifeless in the bedroom of his home in Camden, North London. Her bodyguard found her shortly after 3 pm in bed, next to her laptop and with three empty vodka bottles (two large and one small) on the floor. He had drunk to death. Investigations concluded that he died involuntarily. In his body they found 416 milligrams of alcohol per deciliter of blood, enough to enter a comatose state and weaken his respiratory system. On that Saturday a decade ago, music lost another bleakly young icon. A tragic end for a star of only 27 years.

Amy Jade Winehouse hadn’t released a new album in five years, since her multi-award winning retro-soul album. Back to black 2006. In just three years, since his debut with Frank (2003), the artist had experienced a meteoric rise. She had become the artist that everyone admired. Everyone, without exception, praised his immense talent, it was something unique. But slowly he had been sinking into a spiral of self-destruction that, in retrospect, was inexorable.

The shadows overshadowed the brilliance of the diva

He smoked heroin and crack. She was hiding drugs in her famous beehive hairstyle. He injured himself by cutting his arms. He suffered from bulimia and bipolar disorder. He self-medicated. And, as she was famous all over the world, the paparazzi would corner her wherever she went. It seems predictable that something like this was going to happen.

In the images we have of her last concerts, she looks very thin, with sunken eyes, disheveled and very confused. She was booed by the audience when she came out on stage with excess alcohol and it was difficult for her to stand at the microphone and sing. There were more concerts he canceled than he did. Several times he wanted to overcome his addictions. The last one, in the spring of 2011. But when he performed in Belgrade at the beginning of June, it was a real disaster… and it was also his last concert ‘attempt’. Shadows overshadowed the diva’s brilliance.

Something memorable in our lives

And, although the sad end seems foreseeable, the news of his death left us shocked. On July 23, 2011 he became one of the darkest and saddest in music. And something memorable in our lives: we all remember what we were doing when we learned that Amy Winehouse had passed away.

It made headlines in the world press, a veritable wave of condolences and condolences from all walks of life swept the globe. Twitter and Facebook dressed in mourning. ‘RIP Amy Winehouse’ and ‘Rehab’ were worldwide Trending Topic. Hundreds of international artists publicly expressed their pain. From Lady Gaga a Rihanna, going by George Michael o Tony Bennet, the list is endless.

Tony Bennett y Amy Winehouse, en 2010. / Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

David Summers: “Goodbye Amy, another genius in the heights”

That day, numerous Spanish artists who had surrendered to the irreplaceable voice of the rebel Amy, paid their personal tribute through their social networks. It was the case of Alejandro Sanz (“What a pity Amy Winehouse, a great artist has died. Silence”) or David Summer (“Listening to Love is a losing game with a heavy heart … Goodbye Amy, another genius in the heights” )

A month later, our always remembered Pau Donés confessed in an interview for the Diario de Avisos, that among the artists with whom he would have liked to sing … “would be Amy Winehouse, who I love. That is no longer possible, but it is a dream and for dreaming that it does not remain ”.

For his part, Iván Ferreiro has a ‘playlist’ which he calls “cool songs” and that is where he includes Amy Winehouse: “When I need to find my center and feel comforted, I go back to that list of” cool songs “, he said. Pirates leader in El Faro de Vigo.

Rosario: “The one who makes me cry is Amy Winehouse”

On Cadena SER, in ‘Hoy X Hoy’, Rosario presented her album Raskatriski (2011). At one point in the interview, she was given a choice: Shakira, Amy Winehouse or Lady Gaga. He did not hesitate: “Amy Winehouse, of course.” And he added: “the one who makes me cry is Amy Winehouse, to whom I call olé, and the one who touches my heart is Amy Winehouse.”

The leader of M-Clan, in his solo debut Tarque (2018), included a song called Janis, Amy, Billie. It paid tribute to the three icons of blues, soul and jazz, respectively. “They are from very different times, but there is still that profile of the losing girl who is a great shining star but cries backstage. I thought it was nice to pay homage to them and that they were only women, “he indicated in Europa Press.

This is the verse dedicated to Amy:

Amy cried alone

Amy was looking for love

Reggae and soul tattooed skin

Black is the color

Always the same game

Always the same loser

I don’t want you to leave soon like Amy, love

Leiva: “It would have been the greatest of all time”

In September 2016, Leiva took control of ‘The Roockie of the Month’, a M80 Radio program in which an artist presented the songs that had marked his personal and professional career. One of the four spaces he did was called ‘The women who changed the course of music’ and he reserved the final touch … for Ami Winehouse:

“For me, she is the most impressive artist of the last decade. From my point of view she is in the league of Etta James, of Aretha Franklin, of Nina Simone. I feel that it is very moving how she wrote and how this girl sang. Especially moving how she wrote, from my point of view, as if truth oozed from all sides I find it very painful to see the vulnerability that such sudden success produces and how the vermin of the British tabloid press devoured it. The cruelty of success, the loneliness that produces success, it is proven that it can kill anyone. I really like to think that it would have been the greatest of all time, because I believe it, because I think it has what it takes. It is a very impressive and very She is very big. This woman singing is very great. It is a pleasure to listen to the first interviews, she was very clear about it, and how she handled the codes of soul being so young and with so little experience “.

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10 years without Amy Winehouse and the memory of Leiva: “It would have been the greatest of all time” | LOS40 Classic