A character created by the MCU will debut in an Avengers comic

A character created by the MCU will debut in an Avengers comic

The Avengers Forever saga by Jason Aaron will serve as the introduction of the MCU character within the official continuity of the comics.

The expected comic series baptized with the name of Avengers Forever (Avengers Forever in its original version) will be written by the always surprising Jason Aaron (Scalped, The Other Side, PunisherMAX, Thor, Southern Bastards, Wolverine and the X-Men), with the art by the promising cartoonist Aaron Kuder.

The saga unfolds from the events of the Free Comic Book Day: Avengers / Hulk # 1 and the next Avengers # 50, which are divided with the primary objective of recalling and performing a kind of Massive Avengers 750 Post Anniversary Celebration along the history.

Avengers from across the multiverse

On this occasion, the story has its focus on the members that make up the new team of Avengers from across the multiverse, which meet with the motive of stand up to a greater threat that threatens the stability of the same, which call themselves the Masters of Multiversal Evil.

This new formation of the Avengers will be led by young Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider (which probably sounds like you if you have been a loyal follower of the series Marvel’s SHIELD Agents, as he joined at the beginning of its fourth season), who became one of the central characters of greatest importance on the Avengers stage scripted by Jason Aaron.


During the events that occurred during this stage, we were able to see a new variant (like the ones we could see from Loki in his respective series) of our beloved Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, which became archaeologist which Indiana Jones instead of inventor, assuming in turn the mantle of the Invincible Ant-Man.

It should be noted that it was not the only variant that we got to know, since, throughout the aforementioned comic, the variants of the Black Knight characters also make an appearance (which we can see in the movie of the eternal next November), Scarlet Witch, Vision, Monica Rambeau (who we already met in the hit series Scarlet Witch and Vision), Amadeus Cho as the Incredible Hulk, Beast and wonder man.

Alternative cover. Choi

Captain Carter makes her comic book debut in the Avengers Forever series

But there is something that has caught the attention of comic book readers. Thanks to the article published by the web portal of CBR, we have found out that a character created by the Marvel Cinematic Universe will make his debut in the cartoons from the comic book series Avengers Forever.

It’s about nothing more and nothing less than Captain Carter, which we could see a few weeks ago in the first chapter of the series What Would Happen If …? (2021) of Marvel Studios, where was first introduced to the character clad in her suit with the British flag.


According to the media, in the first preview of comic book art, provided by Newsarama, is shown at Capitana Carter with the same suit that we could see in the aforementioned series, surrounded by Avengers from across the multiverse; which confirms in this way that will join the ranks of the Avengers in his new saga focused on the multiverse.

Peggy Carter in the marvel multiverse

However, it should be noted that this it wouldn’t be the first time in which a variant of the character of Peggy Carter meets a Major role in the Marvel Comics multiverse.

Let’s not forget that, thanks to flawless performance of Hayley Atwell (Black Mirror) in what was seen during the movie of Captain America the First Avenger (2011), in which he shared a screen with Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Snowpiercer, Daggers in the Back) playing Steve Rogers, and the canceled series Marvel’s Agent Carter, which starred; character has become increasingly popular with fans.


Due to the latter, the character ended up taking on the role of Captain America in the Marvel Puzzle Quest app. Said variant joined the Exiles along with other variants of Bucky aka the Winter Soldier, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel (whose series will premiere in Disney+ later this year) and Iron Lad. After defeating the supervillain Kang the Conqueror (of which we could see a variant in the series of Loki), the group quietly parted.

In other words, unlike its version seen in the Marvel Studios series What Happens If …? what is called Capitana Carter, the variant of Peggy Carter of the application Marvel Puzzle Quest adopts the codename Captain America; being very different visions.

On the other hand, more recently, the character of Peggy Carter reappeared during the events that occurred in the vignettes of the acclaimed Captain America comic series written by author Ta-Nehisi Coates (who also worked as scriptwriter of a comic book series by Black Panther and it will be the Writer of the new Superman movie for Warner Bros).

Ta-Nehisi Coates

In the aforementioned saga, Peggy Carter he put on the suit of Dryad and met with Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, to capitulate with the mythical villain Red Skull and the legacy of hydra forces, thus reforming the group known as the Daughters of Liberty to fight for the cause.

Yes OK the comic series was somewhat controversial among regular readers, mainly due to the cheeky Similarities Between Red Skull and Conservative Court Professor Jordan Peterson (which clashes with the progressive ideology presumed by Coates), also him brought a lot of complex layers into the development of Peggy Carter’s character.

Jordan Peterson being caricatured by Red Skull

However, despite the great affection that many of the fans feel for the Capitana Carter, the inclusion of this character in the cartoons has not had a very positive initial reception from readers, who have expressed their great level of discontent and indignation for making that decision on social networks like Twitter.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention that the release date of the first issue of Avengers Forever is scheduled for the next day December 22th.

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A character created by the MCU will debut in an Avengers comic