a common baby and hundreds of millions each

a common baby and hundreds of millions each

A few months ago, Richard Gere and the Spanish Alejandra Silva welcomed their first child together, a child whose name is unknown and whose images are still missing. After a time away from public life to dedicate himself to his baby, marriage reappeared this week in New York, where they reside, at the City Harvest gala, where they even kissed in front of all the attendees when presenting some awards.

Some images that show the happiness of a couple who have just seen their romance with this baby fulfilled. The actor and the Spanish they have been together for five years since the 69-year-old interpreter stayed at the hotel in Positano (Italy) that Alejandra managed. There her love arose and since then they are inseparable and have overcome both their geographical distance and their age, since she is 36 years old, 33 years younger than Richard.

until they got married in 2018The two have constantly traveled to see each other, both Alejandra to New York and Richard to Spain. In fact, They came to settle for a season in Spain in the prestigious Madrid neighborhood of Fuente del Berro, but now they have taken up residence in the Big Apple.

Richard and Alejandra make up one of the most admired couples and the one that most attracts the international media. They are handsome, supportive, with a lifestyle marked by the Buddhism practiced by the actor, and also very wealthy. Because Gere and Silva have not only joined their lives, also their assets.

Fortunes of hundreds of millions

Richard Gere is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with an Oscar in recognition of his career, a Golden Globe and numerous other awards after having recorded more than 40 films, among which will stand out forever ‘Pretty Woman’, with Julia Roberts. This entire prolific career has earned him to accumulate a fortune of about 200 million euros, as estimated during his divorce from Carey Lowell in 2014, which demanded exactly half of that patrimony.

With this he had his only son until recently, Homer James Jigme Gere, who is already 18 years old. The actor owns various real estate properties in the United States, although he recently got rid of one of them, an operation for which he pocketed no less than 36.5 million dollars (32.5 million euros). It is a mansion in the exclusive area of ​​The Hamptons, which he sold in 2016 to the American journalist Matt Lauer for that high amount.

The mansion, located in the town of North Haven, at the eastern end of Long Island, consists of 2.5 hectares of land and has 13 rooms, six fireplaces, a basketball court, a lake and a pool with sea views. An incredible house for which he originally asked for more than 60 million.

Richard Gere’s mansion in The Hamptons / Sotebhy’s

But before this, had another in the same area, which he bought with his ex-wife in 2001 and sold in 2009 for more than four million. This house it cost him 2.75 million in its day and had more than 500 square meters spread over seven bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms, heated pool, art studio, guest house and a large garden

For its part, Alejandra also has an important heritage. The businesswoman comes from a wealthy family, because his father is the former vice president of Real Madrid Ignacio Silva, a reputed builder. What’s more, she was married to American mogul Govind Friedland, which has a fortune estimated by Forbes of more than 700 million and he owns the Ivanhoe Capital Corporation, which controls copper and gold mines. His is the hotel where they met in Positano, Villa Trevise, which Silva managed.

Both of them They were married for eight years and had a son in common, Alejandro. His divorce process was not friendly at all and for him the businesswoman would have received about 100 million. Despite the fact that after breaking up he continued to manage Villa Trevise, at which time he met Gere again, after the separation Alejandra founded her own company.

Is about Shuntaya SL, dedicated to representation and image rights. A firm of which it is the sole administrator and that presented very good numbers the last time it did so. Accounts deposited in the Mercantile Registry in 2016 reflect a turnover of 354,587 euros and a profit of 37,681 euros.

Although the firm is still active, it is surprising that is domiciled in the house that the ‘socialite’ had until a year ago in Madrid. Alejandra He owned a villa in the exclusive urbanization of Fuente del Berro that consisted of 341 meters squares divided into two floors with parking and garden. They were residing there at the beginning of their relationship with the actor, but when they married last year and decided to move to New York he sold it for a figure that was around one million euros.

Thus, now the couple resides comfortably in the Big Apple where they can collaborate more assiduously with the charitable causes with which they work, in addition to that it is easier for Richard to continue his acting career from there. His last film, ‘The Dinner’, dates from 2017, so perhaps now, with the family settled, he returns to the filming set.


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a common baby and hundreds of millions each