‘Eternals’ won’t hit Disney Plus while it’s in theaters, new leak claims – EzAnime.net

‘Eternals’ won’t hit Disney Plus while it’s in theaters, new leak claims – EzAnime.net

Earlier this week, we wondered if Eternals would stick to its current release schedule. The massive Marvel project suffered its fair share of delays during the pandemic. Disney and Marvel eventually delayed it until November 5, 2021. The plan for Eternals was to give it a regular theatrical release. This meant that the movie would not hit Disney Plus on the same day as theaters. Then the pandemic worsened in the United States and other Western countries. We saw further speculation that Disney and Marvel could delay the release of Eternals. Or the movie could get a hybrid release like Black Widow.

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The black widow scandal

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said shortly after the Scarlett Johansson scandal spread to the public that the Shang-Chi experiment will help Disney decide what to do with upcoming releases like Eternals.

Black Widow turned out to be the biggest movie release of the pandemic. Disney Plus contributed a significant portion of the proceeds. Disney was delighted with the Premier Access performance in mid-July. Black Widow was the first movie in which Disney revealed streaming sales.

But Black Widow’s hybrid release also unearthed the massive conflict between Disney and Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson. The actress sued Disney, claiming the studio violated the contract by seeking a day-and-date release. Disney handled the matter in any way but graceful, showing that Chapek was less interested in playing well with talent. However, revenue from Disney Plus seemed to be a priority.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige said during the Shang-Chi red carpet premiere that he would rather Eternals have a theatrical release only. At the time, the number of coronavirus cases was already increasing, with some studies contemplating delays. Since mid-August, we have witnessed such moves, with Top Gun: Maverick as one of the big titles of 2021 pushed back to 2022.

Eternals don’t go to Disney Plus Premier Access

But then the Shang-Chi experiment succeeded. The movie delivered new pandemic records for Marvel. It didn’t make it past Black Widow’s opening weekend, which included Disney Plus sales. But Shang-Chi raised nearly $ 95 million over the four-day Labor Day weekend.

Former member of The Hollywood Reporter Matthew Belloni said in his newsletter that Marvel’s Eternals will have an exclusive theatrical release. Chapek apparently made a decision after the success of Shang-Chi:

After Disney CEO Bob Chapek basically challenged Shang-Chi to perform in theaters on Labor Day weekend, and made $ 94 million domestically, he couldn’t put Eternals on Disney. [Plus] day and date, right? I have been told that Chapek and head of distribution Kareem Daniels have made up their minds about the fate of the November film and, in fact, it will receive an exclusive theatrical presentation. (Disney declined to comment.) Marvel agents Kevin Feige and Angelina Jolie can now breathe out.

However, Disney has yet to make any official announcements.

Spider-Man: No Way Home rumors aside, Eternals is Marvel’s most ambitious and exciting project of the year. It features a team of 10 superheroes never before seen in the MCU movies. Also, there is an eleventh character who will become a hero in the future. In addition to the great cast of Eternals, we will also get the cinematic vision of Oscar winner Chloé Zhao, who has written and directed the film.

Those Marvel fans looking to skip theaters for the foreseeable future should know that Eternals should hit Disney Plus 45 days after its theatrical debut. This means that the movie will likely land on Disney’s streaming service in late 2021.

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‘Eternals’ won’t hit Disney Plus while it’s in theaters, new leak claims – EzAnime.net