‘Extermination’, ‘Sinister Mind’ and other horror movies available on Star Plus

‘Extermination’, ‘Sinister Mind’ and other horror movies available on Star Plus

Are you a lover of terror and do not know what to see? Here is a list of movies that you can find on Star Plus to watch from the comfort of your chair.

The horror genre remains a favorite among moviegoers more passionate despite the fact that the productions that have recently been released on the big screen as The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It or, they do not end up convincing them because, both the audience and the critics, claim to feel disappointed by not receiving the dose of promised scares.

With the pandemic still hitting us, the refuge to continue enjoying the horror genre is streaming platforms like the newcomer Star Plus, where you can find a wide variety of films of the genre to enjoy from the comfort of your armchair AND Like everything in life, there are good and bad things, so we share a list from the worst to the best horror production, according to critics, available on Star Plus.

Scary Night (2011)

This is the remake of the film released in 1985 written by Tom Holland (no, not the Spider-Man actor). It was directed by Craig Gillespie (Cruella) and the critics were not so convinced with their version of the popular Charlie Brewste, a boy who has everything, until Jerry moves in next door, who seems normal a normal neighbor but unexpectedly begins to behave strangely.

Threat in the Deep (2020)

Kristen Stewart may be succeeding playing Princess Diana in Spencer, but last year she was not in the same position of glory with the premiere of Threat Deep, which was not well received by lovers of horror, action or science fiction. The film is about six scientists who try to escape when an earthquake destroys their underwater facility.

Revelations (2000)

The director of Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis, He left the Deolearan parked for a moment to venture into the suspense and horror genre. To do this, he called another great on the screen, Harrison Ford, to star in Revelations, where a scientist and his wife investigate a homicide while supernatural events begin to haunt them. The critics were not entirely convinced and gave him only 47% approval.

Perverse Ties (2013)

Family dramas will always be the perfect excuse to generate panic and terror, so the director Chan-Wook Park, next to Nicole Kidmanand Mia Wasikowska, on Wicked ties They introduced us to the story of India, a young woman who loses her father and falls in love with her uncle, who has somewhat perverse intentions.

The Prophecy (2006)

Mia Farrow is part of this adaptation of the film that bears the same name but which premiered in the mid-70s. The prophecy revolves around a well-off couple who adopt a child and live happily until they realize that the newcomer could be the son of Satan.

Sinister Mind (2005)

What is scarier than the supernatural? The stories that could become real. Sinister mind, starring Robert DeNiro and a little dakota fanning, They make you reflect that imaginary friends are more dangerous than we think.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

We couldn’t pass up this classic of classics from director M. Night Shyamalan, The strue sense, made by Bruce Willis. For many, the ending is no longer a mystery, but we can say that this film has one of the best plot twists in the history of cinema.

Extermination (2003)

Did someone say virus? In this film directed by Danny Boyle, a small group of survivors try to escape from murderous humans who have been infected with a powerful variant of the rabies virus. The infected have taken to the streets so escape seems almost impossible. Exterminio has an excellent reception from the public and critics, in case you don’t want to miss it or want to review it.

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‘Extermination’, ‘Sinister Mind’ and other horror movies available on Star Plus