Kathleen Kennedy, the most powerful woman in Hollywood | People

Kathleen Kennedy, the most powerful woman in Hollywood |  People

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Kathleen Kennedy has produced more than 60 films in her 40-year career. She has been nominated for an Oscar eight times and the films she has produced have defended more than 120 nominations for the same award. He has a whole galaxy at his feet: the one George Lucas entrusted to him in 2012, when Kennedy took over at Lucasfilm, now owned by Disney. This cursory profile shows that Kathleen Kennedy is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.

Now, she is also the engine of the “perfect platform” on which she is working: a commission to which she has invited studios, unions, agents and artists to change the dominant culture in Hollywood and that defends a policy of “zero tolerance. ”With abusive behaviors. Kennedy doesn’t like to talk about how a woman succeeds in a men’s industry. Not least because she has always been surrounded by some of the most powerful names in Hollywood – from Spielberg to George Lucas to her own husband, Frank Marshall. It has never been overshadowed by them. She knows, as she declared to Vanity Fair, that precisely her power empowers her: “I don’t like being in front of the camera but if I can serve as an example to women to know what they can become, I am willing to do whatever it takes” . This idea is his declaration of principles to lead that platform in defense of women.

For all his might, Kennedy loves discretion. She likes to go unnoticed so that she can listen to the comments of the viewers without them knowing that the woman behind movies like E.T., Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, The sixth Sense, Schindler’s List O Lincoln. His longing becomes even more difficult now that he has relaunched one of the most popular sagas in Hollywood: the Star Wars, both the canonical films and all their spin off (the last one to be released is Solo: A Star Wars Story).

Kathleen Kennedy and her husband Frank Marshall in London last December.

She has power, she knows it and she exercises it, but she neither loses her smile nor hesitates when she admits that when Steven Spielberg told her that she was ready to produce her first film, E.T., she felt overwhelmed. “It was a girl,” he says when he looks back at 29 years old. The same feeling washed over him when George Lucas offered him the reins of Lucasfilm. He accepted because he knew how much the continuity of this cinematic galaxy meant to both of them. But if she speaks from the heart, she assures that she feels more of a producer than an executive. And that her work has been especially satisfactory for her, entangled in more personal projects such as Persepolis or The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Now Kennedy also has his own personal project in a galaxy far, far away: looking for a woman to direct the next installment of Star Wars. The rumors that pointed to the director of photography Reed Morano were left alone at a meal between Morano and the head of Lucasfilm. No problem. Kennedy knows he will make it.

Zero tolerance against abuse

Kathleen Kennedy, a member of the board of governors of the United States Film Academy, is one of the people in the industry who is most actively working, in collaboration with other organizations and unions, to lay the foundations of a commission to prevent future abuses. “The time has come to get serious,” he declared. “Predators will realize that they cannot continue to hide in their power, their fame or their money,” he said a few days after the Weinstein case became known.

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Kathleen Kennedy, the most powerful woman in Hollywood | People