Alejandra, ‘rich’ and ‘pretty’, the Spanish woman who conquered Richard Gere

Alejandra, ‘rich’ and ‘pretty’, the Spanish woman who conquered Richard Gere

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Richard Gere (68 years old) and Alejandra Silva (35) have already been married. The wicked and wicked will tell you that this tender girl has given the fly of the century with the Hollywood actor, but here I am to deny it. That the girl, as the gossip insinuates, is something of a penny – as the fact that she demanded a high-end car from Citroen and could have asked in return that her contribution was solidarity would demonstrate – does not mean anything.

You can be rich, but not stupid. The car is still under the brand’s name, but she drives it. And Alejandra is Spanish and has a degree in marketing, although her colleagues, in the style of the Cifu friends, do not clearly remember if she finished her studies.

Alejandra learned something, even though she had not passed the first year. Know all the tricks of a country where famous people, contrary to what happens in Hollywood, they charge to go to charity parties instead of paying. And for the record, I don’t want to get involved in the laudable work of her cinematographic boyfriend on behalf of the Homeless, or his contribution to the Tibetan cause, or the guitars that he amassed by the hundreds and then auctioned for charity. But let’s not get like that either. This actor, whose talent is inversely proportional to the size of his tiny mouse eyes, is not Bill Gates (62), who is spending his entire fortune eradicating polio around the world.

Richard with Alejandra.


Those who know him say that he is somewhat stingy and that if he has taken so long to divorce Carey Lowell (57), his second wife, went for the hard bargaining so as not to have to give him half of his fortune, estimated at about fifty million dollars. There are other details: some friends of Alejandra were perplexed when they went out to peck something with them when they were still dating and the actor made them pay for cleavage. And it was a ridiculous amount. The idol of all women born in the times of baby boom thanks to his role as Zack Mayo in Officer and Knight she gleams as much as her silky white hair like Tweety’s grandmother. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and is an artist when it comes to placing the belt at the right point so as not to mark a belly. Naturally, it is much shorter than it appears on the small screen. The luxury vest that he has bought as a love nest to live with Alejandra Silva in the vicinity of Pirulí, not far from where the Infanta Elena lives, is very secluded. Suitable for a ‘modest’ infanta of Spain but not for a Hollywood prince who has had gigantic mansions in The Hamptons valued at more than 5 million dollars. Less to distribute if divorce comes.

But let’s go back to Alejandra. She did grow up as a princess. The house where his family lived, near Pozuelo and Boadilla del Monte, had horses, a lake, a mini cinema and all the imaginable comforts. With the thrifty Richard he could even have gone down, instead of over.


Daughter of the former Real Madrid director Ignacio Silva and Paola García Baquero, had a romance in his youth with soccer player Roberto Carlos (45), divorced back then from his first wife, when he had not yet set out to break the world fatherhood record. “She was quite innocent, she was only 22 years old and didn’t know where she was getting. I think Roberto Carlos saw her as such a good girl that he decided to end the relationship so as not to hurt her.” Then the son of a multimillionaire mining magnate appeared in his life, Govin Friedland, with whom he starred in a divorce that has been very hard. There was even an altercation with the mediation of the police included, according to the newspaper. ABC. It happened during a visit from her ex-husband to what had been her family home when she was away and her ex-mother-in-law was. Alejandra’s first husband told the newspaper that he called them when he met “severely intimidated and threatened by bodyguards hired by Silva to supervise the removal of their belongings. ”

Govin lives most of the year in Europe, and he is not amused when his ex moves his permanent residence to the United States. Their son in common, little Albertiño, is the main reason- And not only the child, but also the wounded pride. Meanwhile, Alejandra, installed there for months with the little one, seems determined to give him a little brother. They have been seen visiting a clinic specializing in fertility treatments. Nobody can explain why the rush is coming. Is Richard thinking about the compensation that his girlfriend would have to pay him in the event of a divorce? We repeat, in case it has not been clear, the great game is her.

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Alejandra, ‘rich’ and ‘pretty’, the Spanish woman who conquered Richard Gere