Coldplay will publish their new album in October

Coldplay will publish their new album in October

Return to radios, stores and the Internet one of the most mythical bands internationally in recent decades, with his new album under his arm. The British band led by the charismatic Chris Martin, Coldplay, will release their new album in October under the title of Music of the Spheres. Specifically this ninth studio work, which is produced by the Swedish Max Martin, can be purchased from the next October 15th; date chosen for its worldwide launch.

Its most loyal fans will have to wait until after the summer to know what will be the new melodies and songs of this musical group that, for this occasion, has entrusted to the work of a producer that only with his name brings success (something that on the other hand Coldplay does not need after so many years on stage and with 8 albums under his professional belt). He has worked with artists of the stature of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Weeknd or Britney Spears among many other pop-style performers.

Image of the cover of what will be the new Coldplay album / OFFICIAL COLDPLAY

Brushstrokes of the new album

Although you have to wait until next fall to get hold of Music of the Spheres, what has already been known for a few days is the musical trailer titled Adventure, announced on the social networks of the British group itself, and that it is something like a kind of sidereal walk between the planets and the universe. To this must be added a couple of singles already revealed as is the case of Coloratura and High Power. And since there are not two without three, in the month of September it will be the turn of a third theme of the dozen that make up this new Coldplay musical album.

It is also known, the band has been generous in this regard with its fans, the names of which will be the songs that will be part of Music of the Spheres. The curious thing in this case is that some of them, instead of having a conventional title, present a emoticon as a cover letter of the most original. A surprise that will not be fully revealed until next October 15.

Coldplay, the beginnings

It was half of the decade of the 90s when this band of pop rock y rock alternativo composed of the aforementioned Chris Martin, as well as Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. Thus began the first steps of one of the most acclaimed and internationally projected groups of the 2000s. A band that in its beginnings was compared by critics and the public with names such as those of Radiohead, Oasis or U2 among others similar.

It did not take long for Coldplay to know what success was, something that was achieved after the release of the single. Yellow, as well as their debut album Parachutes which was nominated for the Mercury Awards. With his second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002) has already received multiple awards, including that of Album of the year and those who followed titles like X&Y (2005), Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008), Mylo Xyloto (2011)), Ghost Stories (2014), A Head Full of Dreams (2015) y Everyday Life which was the last work Coldplay put out.

With social conscience

Million copies It is what has been sold throughout the world of the records that Coldplay has released throughout its trajectory. However, this commercial success is not at odds with the social conscience who has always maintained and cultivated a band from which it is known that 10% of its annual income is used to finance charities. In addition, he is known for his participation in numerous social projects such as Band Aid 20, Live 8 or Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief, One Love Manchester or the Teenage Cancer Trust.

In parallel, the members of Coldplay have been shaping their own musical programs to raise funds for actions as commendable as fighting extreme poverty in the most disadvantaged countries, singing against warlike confrontations, supporting health causes, supporting projects to help the child population and even rejecting that commercial giants (in the case of brands such as Gap, Gatorade or Coca Cola) support their works, concerts or public appearances in the media around the world.

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Coldplay will publish their new album in October