David Gilmour definitely settles the debate on the Pink Floyd reunion

David Gilmour definitely settles the debate on the Pink Floyd reunion

The guitarist David Gilmour has definitively settled the debate on the meeting of Pink Floyd once and for all, in an interview with the magazine ‘Guitar Player’.

In statements to the media, he was very forceful to avoid future speculation about a reunion with his little friend Roger Waters, as well as with his closest friend Nick Mason.

“The band has run its course and already we’re done“, he said and, avoiding possible controversies with his partners, added that he is” totally at Please let Roger do what he wants and have fun. “

In a more dialogical way, he argued: “No I don’t want to go back at all. I don’t want to be performing in stadiums again. Now I am free to do what I want and as you like “.

Waters recently explained to the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ that he tried to reunite the group but that it was impossible, especially on the part of Gilmour. Mason, however, and as is known, has always been inclined towards some kind of return of the band, always being a meeting point between David and Roger, already irreconcilable ex-friends after the events of recent years.

In the middle of the pandemic, for example, Waters openly exploded in a video against Gilmour for his use of the official Pink Floyd communication channels, promoting only his work or even those of his family, but nothing that he launches alone. .

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Waters’ version

Members of Pink Floyd, together in 2011 during a Roger Waters concert
Members of Pink Floyd, together in 2011 during a Roger Waters concert

Waters, in that aforementioned interview, from April 2020, neither short nor lazy, stated: “No, it wouldn’t be good at all. It would be fucking horrible. Obviously, if you are a fan of that Pink Floyd era, then you have a different point of view. But I had to pass it and it is part of the past. “

He is also aware that opening up in this way will make him “look like a villain”, but “so be it,” he says, because he can “live with it.” “Would I trade my freedom for those chains? No way,” he says.

Waters revealedalso that had an approach with Gilmour and Mason with a “peace plan”, but not to start a meeting. “It had nothing to do with it (…) it was just something like ‘can we release a remastered vinyl version of’Animals‘without it becoming the third world war? Wouldn’t that be good? “, He explained. Later, he detailed where the intent was:” Actually, I suggested pulling democracy and I said: why don’t we vote? There are only 3 of us and then we can decide all that and at least we can move on. “

In was it? Well, in a failed attempt: “God knows why … in December 2018, Mason said that it was likely that a set of boxes of ‘Animals’ would come out at some point in the future.” “Everything is slow due to differences of opinion about how to do it or what to put on it, but I am sure that one day they will come out,” he commented by way of closing. “Of all our albums that have been re-released, this is the one that would benefit the most from a kind of reissue,” he explained.

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Past meetings

Since Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985, there have been few meetings, although there have been, as they say in Galicia regarding the meigas.

The most prominent was in 2005 for the worldwide charity festival ‘Live 8’, where the 4 met again, when he was still alive. Rick Wright. A gift for fans of just over half an hour and that will remain forever remembered.

Occasionally there were 2 more mini-meetings. In 2010, to the surprise of many, Roger and David shared a small stage at a charity gala in favor of the Palestinian people, playing 4 songs, 3 of them by Floyd, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Another Brick In The Wall (part 2) ‘. 27 minutes together.

The penultimate meeting, this total, although with Wright already deceased, was in London, during a concert of Waters’ ‘The Wall’ tour. Gilmour played the legendary guitar solo from ‘Confortably Numb’ and then he and Mason took the stage to say goodbye to the audience, along with Waters’ band, to greet the fans.

And, definitely, Waters took the stage for a second with Mason, at a concert in New York in 2019 of his new band, Saucerfull of Secrets, to hit make the little vocal lines and hit the gong in the classic theme ‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’.

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David Gilmour definitely settles the debate on the Pink Floyd reunion