Each type of wine has its music

Each type of wine has its music
The three Oinoz wines (Oinoz crianza and Oinoz by Claude Gros, from Rioja and Oinoz Verdejo, from Rueda) joined forces last year with music to create a great community among all those who know that around a glass of good wine tour also an authentic lifestyle. Oinoz Wine Sounds is a declaration of intent in the form of musical notes. Original and unpublished since Oinoz has composed four songs that can be heard both on the website itself and on the brand’s profile on the Spotify platform.

The world of sipped wine
Text: Antonio Egido

We must not hide that the world of wine is a source of inspiration, and therefore, initiatives do not stop emerging that ultimately manage to attract the largest number of people to pairings, among which our search engine offers us one that, apparently, has been causing havoc: the so-called sound pairing.

We enter ‘vinocutanda.com’ where we read that “A report by Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, led by psychologist and professor Adrian North, scientifically confirms that music influences the taste of wine.

(…) This study demonstrates the relationship between wine and music and affirms that there is a suitable music for each type of wine. Depending on the sounds heard at the time of tasting, the taste and our perception of the wine will change in one way or another. One of the investigations carried out for the study was carried out in supermarkets, showing that people are five times more likely to buy French wine if background music with accordions is used. At this point, we can talk about the emergence of a new concept of pairing, sound pairing. From now on, a third variable comes into play that will bring about the perfect fusion between gastronomy, wine and music and will give rise to unbeatable experiences.

To such came such music

Some of the suggestions that this report proposes in relation to the different types of wine are the following.

– The best accompaniment to a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon is loud and powerful music. The study sustains that this type of music makes us perceive the wine 60% stronger, richer and more robust than when there is no music in the environment. Some of the suggestions to accompany this type of wine are songs by rock greats such as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones or The Who.

– To taste a merlot, the best option is to resort to soul and R&B melodies, or even acoustic music with guitar accompaniment.

– For a good chardonnay, the refreshing and happy rhythms that some songs with Dance or Disco music touches bring us are better.

– For those who choose a good syrah, it is best to let yourself be carried away by classical music melodies and songs like Nessun Dorma by Puccini, or by soundtracks as powerful as Chariots of Fire by Vangelis.

The wine and music association is becoming increasingly fashionable; every day we find more sound pairing initiatives among the grid of events in our country. In the so-called wine and music samples, the best wine tastings are accompanied by concerts of all kinds, being able to enjoy jazz and classical music samples or authentic rock concerts. The sound pairing has become a great Enoculture bet, turning a wine tasting into authentic Music Therapy sessions ”.

In ‘tecnovino.com’ we read that “One of the latest trends in the enjoyment of wine is sound pairing. Music and wine share that ability to make us feel. What we hear can influence how we feel and even the taste of the wine that is being tasted at the time. Thus, to ensure that the choice is the right one, Vinissimus suggests five sound pairings whose experience will multiply the sensation of pleasure that both creations evoke.

(…) Adele, Someone Like You (live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011): Adele is always intense and exciting, and this time she sings from the pain of loss, with nostalgia for the true love that left. The lyrics of the song say that “sometimes love hurts, sometimes it lasts”, evoking the interplay between sweet and sour, as happens with fruit and toasted staves from the barrels of Viña Tondonia Blanco Gran Reserva 1981, a A wine that defends a style that many gave up almost for lost and which would be greatly missed if one day large wineries such as Tondonia stopped producing.

Metallica, Enter Sandman (live in Nimes, 2009): rhythm, energy, bass, drums, always with the beats very high, putting the whole audience in the pocket between fireworks and strident chords. Something initially intimidating, tricky and dark, like the pulp of the Garnacha tintorera, like La Atalaya del Camino 2016, a red wine of great volume, color and aromatic intensity, impressive at the beginning, essential after a few sips.

The Cranberries, Ridiculous Thoughts: the strength of femininity, a voice, a personality that dismantles the ridiculous thought of forcibly associating the feminine with the weak or delicate, as is often the case with the Garnacha grape. In memory of the great Dolores O’Riordan, a wine has been chosen that is also an ode to the character of a land as precious, and sometimes as harsh, as her native Ireland: the Sierra de Gredos. The Bullet Man 2016.

The XX, Crystalized: young, full of inner light, vibrant, subdued, but intense. Apparently hidden behind a cloud like the one seen on the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2018 label. Newcomers to the music scene and sweeping, as happened with New Zealand wines, conquering from purity, from essence. Cloudy Bay has become in a very short time a world reference wine, as is happening with the energy and charm of the guys from The XX.

Nirvana, All Apologies 1993, MTV Unplugged in NY: deep and dry voice, brut nature, connecting with its surroundings in the purest biodynamic style, integrating all the elements to create a unique environment. A basic concert, like wine made simply with what nature offers, without artifice, warm and enveloping like the sun that the song mentions, like the same Kurt Cobain jacket. Recaredo Brut de Brut Finca Serral del Vell 2009 a wine to drink and enjoy sobriety, without apologizing for it ”.

Be that as it may, we will always be responsible and enjoy quality wine responsibly.

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Each type of wine has its music