Iron Maiden Has Highest US Charts Album With ‘Senjutsu’ –

Iron Maiden Has Highest US Charts Album With ‘Senjutsu’ –

According to Billboard, IRON MAIDENthe last album of «Senjutsu», has entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 3, making it the highest LP in the band’s history. British heavy metal legends previously peaked at No. 4 with their last two studio releases: 2015. “The book of souls” y 2010’s “The final frontier”.

From «Senjutsu»64,000 equivalent album units, album sales comprise 61,000, making it the best-selling album of the week.

«Senjutsu» was released on September 3 via BMG. IRON MAIDENThe first LP in six years was recorded in early 2019 in Paris with a longtime producer Kevin Shirley and co-produced by Harris. It was preceded in July by a highly acclaimed animated video for the first single. “The writing on the wall” made by BlinkInk based on a concept of Dickinson with two ex Pixar executives. A month-long teaser campaign and a global “scavenger hunt” followed for clues to the track’s title and concept.

For «Senjutsu» – loosely translated as “tactic and strategy” – the gang rehired the services of Mark Wilkinson to create the spectacular cover with the Samurai theme, based on an idea of Harris. With a runtime of just under 82 minutes, «Senjutsu», like his previous record “The book of souls”, is a double CD / triple vinyl album.

In May 2019, Italian website Maiden Concerts first he speculated that IRON MAIDEN he was putting the finishing touches on a new album. The site concluded that the LP was nearing completion after collecting evidence on social media that the six members of the band, their wives, and Shirley they were in Paris at the same time. The producer even posted new photos of Guillaume Tell Studios, where MAID Recorded “Brave New World” (2000) and “The book of souls”, saying he was finishing an important project.

During MAIDthe 2019 summer tour of North America, Dickinson hinted at new material, telling the crowd at the group’s concert in Oakland, California: “New IRON MAIDEN songs, sooner than you think «. MAIDNashville Show in August 2019, Dickinson said the band’s fresh music was “not beyond the limits of what is possible,” adding that a new MAID The record was essentially a “certainty.”

«Senjutsu» trademarks MAIDsixth album produced by Shirley, who has worked with MAID for the past two decades.

In addition to MAID, Shirley has collaborated with dozens of notable acts, including Joe Bonamassa, TRIP, THEATER OF DREAMS and LED ZEPPELIN.

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Iron Maiden Has Highest US Charts Album With ‘Senjutsu’ –