Keanu Reeves says he doesn’t consider himself a role model

Keanu Reeves says he doesn’t consider himself a role model

The actor Keanu Reeves is characterized by his versatility when playing characters on the screen, or in other media not so common as video games. Throughout his career we have seen him in action, science fiction, comedy and drama films, where he has stood out with leading roles in Bill & Ted, saving the universe – 88% and Another Day to Kill – 85%, but while all of this is relatively easy for them, there is one role that is difficult for them: that of accepting compliments. The so-called “Internet boyfriend”, not because of himself of course, but because of his legion of fans, is one of the few in the medium who stays away from controversies and rather occupies all the headlines for his work or for his modesty and good heart.

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Reeves was declared as one of the best actors and actresses of the 21st century last month in a publication of The New York Times where he appeared at number 4, behind Denzel Washington, Isabelle Huppert and Daniel Day-Lewis (via Vanity Fair). In that article, the words of the critic AO Scott describe how impossible it is to be disappointed when you appear in a movie and how much they can be improved by your presence. The film critic is not mistaken, and his text came to the actor through his agent. Later, in an interview via Zoom, the subject was raised.

The funny thing is that after the success he has had in his films, he still expresses himself as if he were not a movie star. There he said that he hopes people enjoy what he does and said that his friends also sent him the list as soon as they saw it. Although at the beginning the actor was more in tune that being recognized in that way is something great and nothing more, he assured that he appreciates when they refer to him in that way for his work. However, he later said that that’s something he finds nice but it doesn’t stop him, he just continues to work without taking long to entertain himself with the news.

Then he continued with the interview by talking about his participation in the video game Cyberpunk 2077 – 73%, which shortly after its launch was withdrawn for having too many errors that did not allow the people who acquired it to enjoy a correct game experience, including the fact that it did not include a warning about possible epileptic seizures and causing damage to a editor of Game Informer in the process. Fortunately, the conversation was before all that happened, and even when he touched on the violence within the story he found the bright side of it.

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Reeves He said that you can choose a path with less violence (the game is suitable for people from 17 years of age) and that for him it is a reflection on the actions of a person and the effect that these can have on others. That led to the interview getting to the subject of his reputation as one of the kindest people one can meet. to which he responded again modestly saying that he does not consider himself a role model.

I don’t consider myself a role model or anything like that. If people have had an impact from the way they interact with me, in terms of entertainment or in real life or on social media, I just hope it was positive.

There are many stories of people who corroborate that Keanu Reeves he is a great person. Film directors who have worked with him often say that he is one of the most committed people to his work and even that he tries to do his action scenes, obviously without meddling much in the work of stuntmen, but recently Octavia Spencer told of the occasion when Reeves He helped her with her car many years ago when other people didn’t even bother to ask if she needed help.

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Keanu Reeves says he doesn’t consider himself a role model