‘Mule’ and 9 other Clint Eastwood movies that you can watch in streaming

‘Mule’ and 9 other Clint Eastwood movies that you can watch in streaming


Clint Eastwood already has 90 winters behind him, but his wrinkled skin has only increased his wisdom as a director and his icy gaze as a performer. Few have her presence before the camera, so much less her emotional nakedness and narrative effectiveness behind her. It is, without a doubt, one of the greats, an essential, a safe place to return to for a good movie night.

For that reason, with the arrival of From to HBO, we have decided to collect 10 of his movies that are now available on the different streaming servers (HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Movistar +) so that you know where to go when you feel like it, you know … brighten your day.

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Bird (1988)

Probably the best Cint Eastwood movie in which he didn’t appear. Forest Withaker reminds us why he is one of the best actors of his generation in this flawless biopic by Charlie “Bird” Parker. A tribute to jazz that reminds us of the other great hobby (and talent) of its director, music.

Available in: Movistar +


The Sniper (2014)

Fake babies aside, this is the most interesting film of Eastwood’s last stage, the one about anonymous American heroes that society puts in the spotlight. In addition to having a great Bradley Cooper, this film rises above the rest of its filmography companions due to the ambivalent nature of the story. Of course, the ending is not the best of the film.

Available in: Netflix y Amazon


The Exchange (2008)

Maybe it was because it was released the same year that Gran Torino, but this period thriller does not have the fame that it should. Angelina Jolie does one of her best works in this film about a mother who tries to slip a cat on her own, or rather a child for another.

Available in: Amazon y HBO


Gran Torino (2008)

Eastwood has evolved his character as a curmudgeon gunman in an exemplary way. From Dirty Harry, going by No forgivenessUntil this film, he used his famous “You’ve messed with the wrong guy” look to capture like no other the erosion of violence in humans.

Available in: HBO


From (2018)

We believed that after Gran Torino, Eastwood wasn’t going to be re-addressing, but here he is, and we love that he takes his word for it. The wrinkles give an unprecedented character of fragility to his character, this time yes, a not very imposing old man who becomes involved with a cartel and falls into quite reprehensible attitudes.

Available in: HBO


Mystic River (2003)

Impressive adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel with Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins and Sean Penn leading a cast in a state of grace (especially the last two). A film about past traumas and present prejudices, about friendship and the passage of time, about hatred and forgiveness.

Available in: Movistar +


Richard Jewell

The latest film Eastwood released is also available online now. It tells the story of the private security guard who discovered a backpack bomb at the Atlanta 96 Olympics. His oddities made him go from hero to main suspect.

Available in: Movistar +


The Iron Sergeant (1986)

With The metal jacket, the great example of how fun it is to see bullyng military since the military is no longer mandatory. Clint Eastwood is, of course, a Vietnam and Korean veteran who has to put a group of disastrous recruits on the trail. Spoiler Alert: Get it.

Available in: Movistar +


Sully (2016)

Making a good diptych with The Sniper, Eastwood here looks at another hero far from bombings and shootings, the pilot who managed to land his plane in the Hudson River and save the 155 passengers. Of course, again a system little given to heroics put his feat in doubt. Tom Hanks playing the American hero, what else can we say about the cast?

Available in: Movistar +


15:17 Train to Paris (2018)

We are not going to fool you, it is not the best Clint Eastwood movie. In fact, it may be the worst. In large part it is because of his decision to put real heroes in the role rather than professional actors. Yet it is quintessentially Eastwood’s recent obsession with ordinary heroes, this time about the three Americans who stopped a terrorist on a train. Plus, it’s likely the least viewed on the list.

Available in: HBO

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‘Mule’ and 9 other Clint Eastwood movies that you can watch in streaming