Samuel L. Jackson: Why were you wanted by the FBI?

Samuel L. Jackson: Why were you wanted by the FBI?

Samuel L. Jackson He was not born being the actor that we all know and love, first he was a child who had to live in a time marked by him and the hatred of the African-American community in the United States, and that made him an activist, and a “criminal” who had to FBI following their movements.

Before becoming Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson he joined the fight for civil rights, and that got him into a lot of trouble. Jackson was a student at the Morehouse College, in Atlanta, in 1968, that’s when he got involved (after the death of Martin Luther King jr) in the movement and was the beginning of what would end up being a tense hostage situation inside the university.

The actor was born in the 40s, in the middle of the era of the laws of the Jim CrowAnd, although he always knew that he wanted to work in the cinema, he also had a great passion for the causes of racial inequality. “I had anger in me,” Jackson told Parade magazine in 2005. “It came from growing up repressed in a segregated society. All those childhood years of ‘white only’ places and kids passing you on the bus yelling, ‘Black!’ There was nothing I could do about it. “

The childhood of Jackson was marked by racism, so when she got to college, she knew she had to do something. Jackson once said that he was a hippie who experimented with psychedelic drugs and listened to Jimi Hendrix and began to develop more interest in social issues. By his sophomore year in college, Jackson had to live in murder of Martin Luther King jr, and that made him and his companions decide to act. “This guy came in and said Dr. King was dead and we had to do something … A couple days later these guys told us that Bill Cosby y Robert Culp They wanted us to have a plane with them and fly to Memphis to march with the garbage workers, ”he said.

According to the actor, he was grateful to be part of a movement that was not violent and to have someone like him. Cosby teaching the correct way to join the protests. Jackson was invited to be part of the organization of the funeral of the legendary Martin Luther King, and what happened after that changed his life.

Jackson he was concerned with police brutality, but also with the principles of his university, which wanted all students to become important doctors, lawyers, or scientists. Jackson wanted the students to have more control and to teach them more about their own history, so, along with a group of students, he held the college board members, including Dr. King’s dad, hostage. Jackson said he knew they were breaking the law by doing so and felt that was the right thing to do for their cause, but things got complicated when the King started having chest pains.

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Nobody wanted to open the door, so they just pulled him out a window and started negotiating. Their first request was that they not be expelled when the hostages were released, and the representatives agreed, but ended up expelling them all shortly after.

That summer, Jackson began to work more on his activism and allegedly even had his own arsenal of weapons, which was what put him on the radar of the FBI. “That summer of ’69, someone from the FBI came to my mother’s house in Tennessee and told her that they needed to get me out of Atlanta before they killed me,” Jackson recalled in an interview. “She showed up and said she was taking me to lunch. I got in the car and she took me to the airport and said: Get on this plane, don’t get off. I’ll talk to you when you get to your aunt’s house in LA “

That trip changed the life of Samuel L Jackson (who could return in several of the new Marvel movies), who began to explore his passion for cinema and became one of the most iconic actors in film history, as well as keeping the FBI at bay and saving it from go to jail.

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Samuel L. Jackson: Why were you wanted by the FBI?