The Citizen | With videos and photographic samples, fans of the world remember the 75th birthday of Freddie Mercury

The Citizen |  With videos and photographic samples, fans of the world remember the 75th birthday of Freddie Mercury

Admirers from all over the world will remember this September 5 the 75th birthday of Freddie Mercury, legendary vocalist of the British band Queen, who died on November 24, 1991.

To commemorate the occasion, a series of announcements and social publications have been scheduled. The official Freddie Mercury YouTube Channel will celebrate the man and the legacy he left by partnering with the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS organization founded in his name for a birthday celebration day.

A new video created especially for the day reminds us of some unforgettable moments of the immortal interpreter who stayed with us and in our memories, reviewed the portal.

Also, in association with the National Portrait Gallery, homage will be paid to Freddie Mercury’s iconic stage presence, with the public display of the now iconic Freddie photo taken by Neal Preston at Wembley in 1986 that the Gallery has acquired for its permanent collection and goes on From the Ground Up in a new exhibition in association with Brent Museums and Archives at The Library, Willesden Green in Brent.

In various ways you will remember the leader of Queen today on his 75th birthday. WEB photo.

Freddie Mercury performed with Queen for Life Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985 and again in 1986 for Queen’s ‘Magic’ Tour, the source of Neal Preston’s photography. To appreciate the image, those interested can visit the National Portrait Gallery official website for more information.

TikTok also joins the Ay-Oh chorus saluting Freddie Mercury with a ‘Freddie 75’ campaign featuring an exclusive custom-designed t-shirt that aims to raise more funds to continue the relentless work of the MPT in their continued efforts to support. The hiv. / Aid organizations around the world.

Elsewhere on Queen News, its week’s ‘The Greatest’ episode, ‘Queen On Video’ celebrates the band’s pioneering approach to running promotions, resulting in some truly memorable blockbuster videos. Throughout its history, Queen has always been able to amuse, move, entertain and amaze us with their videos, resulting in some of the most enduring and iconic images in rock music.

Street in Munich named after him

For a year now, the Queen vocalist has been honored by Munich, the city where he lived for six years in the 1980s.

The German city council decided to name a street in the city in honor of Queen singer Freddie Mercury, the DW portal reported.

Mercury, who died in 1991 of AIDS, had close ties to the Bavarian capital, where he lived for six years, during the 1980s, in the Glockenbachviertel district.

Furthermore, Queen’s 1980 album “The Game,” featuring the hits “Crazy little thing called love” and “Another one bites the dust,” was recorded in Munich, at the studios of Italian producer Giorgio Moroder. «Mr. Bad Guy ‘, a solo album by Mercury, was also recorded in Munich.

The street is in the so-called “creative neighborhood”, an area that will house homes and offices and is under construction near the Olympic Park.

Streets named after rock and pop artists are rare in Germany. In Hamburg there is the Beatles Square, in Berlin and in Düsseldorf there are streets named after Frank Zappa, and the city of Bad Nauheim has a square dedicated to Elvis Presley.

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The Citizen | With videos and photographic samples, fans of the world remember the 75th birthday of Freddie Mercury