The last concert of Tina Turner: “I’m tired of singing and making everyone happy” | LOS40 Classic

The last concert of Tina Turner: “I’m tired of singing and making everyone happy” |  LOS40 Classic

“I don’t want people to come to a concert of mine and think that ‘I used to be good.'” After 50 years on stage, Anne Mae Bullock decided that the time had come to close the curtain for good. As she said in The New York Times: “I’m tired of singing and making everyone happy … that’s all I’ve ever done in my life”. On May 5, 2009, the high heels of the fireproof Tina, they stepped on a stage for the last time. More than a decade after that final goodbye, the artist has once again said goodbye to her fans. This time in the form of a documentary for HBO, called simply Tina.

The tours of Tina Turner, starting with Private Dancer World Tour By 1985, they had packed stadiums around the world, especially those in Europe. In 2000 he had embarked on a ‘farewell tour’ (Twenty Four Seven Tour) of 121 concerts. And it seemed like it really was the last of his career. However, it was not. To the surprise of her fans, 8 years later, the singer announced another tour, titled Tina: 50th Anniversary Tour, with which he would put an end to his career definitively. Turner wanted to commemorate his half century on stage, since in the late 1950s he joined Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhytm in St, Louis, Missouri. She was called Little Ann then.

Sophia Loren’s suggestion

Why did the singer embark on such an intense tour? It was a show that would exhaust anyone who was even half Turner’s age. She told it herself on the Oprah Winfrey Show the same day she announced that she was embarking on the world tour. Tina said it was a good time and she wanted to do it before it was too late. And then she confessed that her friend, actress Sofia Loren, had been the one who had suggested that she reconsider her retirement because her fans wanted to see her again. Turner was also encouraged by the astonishing response to his performance at the Grammys.

“I was at the Armani show, in Milan, chatting with Sophia Loren. I told her I was taking a break. And she told me ‘for how long’, and I said, ‘oh … seven years’. And then he replied, “Break it, people want you to go back to work.” After the Grammys, when I came home to Zurich, people would come up to me in the restaurant, in the toilet, on the street … everywhere. getting notes from fans … some were so moving. I kept every slip of paper … and suddenly there was a pile. I called my manager and said ‘the time has come.’

Tina Turner on stage in 1990 / Rob Verhorst (Getty Images)

An exhausting and “not easy” tour

For Tina Turner, who was 70 years old at the time, in addition to being an immensely lucrative tour, it was also exhausting: it started on October 1, 2008, in Kansas City, passed through more than 40 cities in North America and Europe, and performed 90 performances during 6 months. More than a million spectators attended the concerts and the collection exceeded 130 million dollars.

Indeed, as he would later recognize in Oprah’s Next Chapter that last tour had not been anything “easy”: he had “to rest all day” to be able to perform with the high level of energy that the show required. She also said that she “felt fatigued from singing and dancing,” emphasizing how some songs from the performance were “a little harsher” for her than others.

In the 2013 interview, Turner confessed: “If I ever come back for whatever reason in the future,” it would have to “be otherwise” and the audience would have to accept a different kind of show. Perhaps, a show without those energetic dances with high heels so characteristic in her.

“This is it, I’m not coming back for nothing”

Maybe that night on May 5, 2009, when Tina came out on stage for the last time … it was a relief. The final concert of their 50th Anniversary Tour was at the Sheffield Arena, in Sheffield, England. As in every show, he toured songs from his entire career, including Proud Mary, River deep, Montain high, Goldeneye O Private dancer. The end of the night put it with Be tender with me baby, from his LP Foreing affair (1990). The audience was still clapping wildly when he disappeared from the stage … never to return.

Almost a decade later, Tina Turner recalled that last concert in an interview for the BBC: “We did the best show, it was really wonderful. But the next day, together with my husband Erwin and my cook, I took a plane, took a deep breath and said ‘this is it, I’m not coming back for nothing’ … I started singing about 20 years old and I haven’t stopped doing it until 70. Almost every night of my life I have spent on a bus, on a plane, in a car, in a hotel. I have had no life, except for that. I really feel very tired of singing and dancing. I want to be at home and be normal ”.

Last farewell to his fans

Although after that last concert of the tour Tina!: 50th Anniversary, Turner officially retired, has never completely disappeared. The singer has made public appearances sporadically and has granted an interview, although she has become more jealous of her private life. In these years, Tina Turner has overcome serious health problems, such as intestinal cancer or kidney failure that she overcame thanks to the fact that her husband, Erwin Bach, donated one of his kidneys.

In 2018 he presented his autobiography, Tina Turner: My Love Story, and also appeared on various television shows to promote the musical dedicated to his extraordinary life Tina: The Tina Turner Musical. But that year, in July, her son, Craig, took his own life. “I still don’t know what made him do it,” he told the BBC.

On March 27, 2021, Tina Turner said goodbye to her fans again, and she did so through an HBO documentary about her life and career, called simply Tina. In the film, she tells how she wants to enter the third and last chapter of her life: away from the spotlight. And she reveals that she has a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the mistreatment suffered at the hands of her first husband, Ike Turner. Looking back, Tina reflects: “It was not a good life. The good does not balance the bad.”

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The last concert of Tina Turner: “I’m tired of singing and making everyone happy” | LOS40 Classic