Thomas the Clash lives “You already have 100 kilos of prosthetics”!

Thomas the Clash lives “You already have 100 kilos of prosthetics”!

It’s satin in the Vergara family! Thomas and Nabila’s empty dressing room could take up a lot of your time. And energy!

Action fight between Vergara! Thomas and Nabila are already preparing to leave. They reveal a bit behind the scenes about their storage … and He walked in all directions until the engagement. MCETV tells you everything!

Thomas mercilessly for his wife

As the couple has already shown on several occasions, they stick together at auditions. But between the two, one sometimes plays weakness … when the other plays humor, To the point where you collide with her beauty. What he did again.

The two lovers are already preparing to move into their new home. Thus, they have taken the step at the end of September, the beginning of October. But since you came to Dubai, They have accumulated many things.

Then it is necessary to start classifying. But before qualifying, Nabila basically started stocking up in the storage room. So it just moved the massive articles. Now this The pass is getting closer, we’ll have to watch it.

The two lovebirds had a great idea: “Empty the locker room and Donate all the funds raised to associations«. Then we should wait for an offer Bags, clothing, jewelry that you no longer use.

O Even the things you’ve never used before ! But while explaining her project, Nabila has had to deal with Joker Thomas a bit. So, we can expect the influencer to be the most related to her outfits …

But her husband defends himself a little. So he’s showing off his pantsAnd jeans and shorts that I could have. But if he did, he wouldn’t want to give it up. He makes his case to his wife. “I still need it!”

Nabila: Thomas the Clash lives “You already have 100 kilos of prosthetics”!

Nabila is managed by Thomas

While spending some time defending him “Striped pants, his colored pants, his shorts” as I can, Thomas falls in front of his disappointed partner. It is not in your favor at all.

« I have more lashes, I have more extensionsI have no more, Nabila regrets in a moment from the spleen. Thomas does not give him time to say more: “But you are so beautiful!” ” Nothing to do, it just doesn’t work.

However, Thomas tries to show his wife that he finds her naturally beautiful, to see more, she doesn’t want to hear him. On the contrary, it still leaves scars. Without my accessories I have my body … light, let’s say… »

On this occasion, Thomas does not miss the opportunity to send a large shovel to his wife. He mercilessly threw it like this: “Stop saying that, You already have 100 kg of prosthetics! » Well dispatched valve, which Noble takes well.

It must also be said that the spouses annoy each other a lot. Also, the star assumes quite wellI have had surgery several times To change what she didn’t like about herself. Thomas’s shock makes her laugh softly!

But we still have to admit it The arrow hit the target. Unable to respond maliciously, Nabila prefers to tease Thomas in turn.