Thus was born the deep enmity that exists between Elton John and Rod Stewart | LOS40 Classic

Thus was born the deep enmity that exists between Elton John and Rod Stewart |  LOS40 Classic

They are two great artists who have a long and important career behind them. Both received the distinction of sir from the British Crown and have only been two years old. Elton John and Rod Stewart they enjoyed all these and more things that unite them as friends for many years, but today there is nothing left of that. Both artists cannot even be seen, and the confrontation between them has escalated after John’s last statements in his autobiography, Yo, Elton John.

But the story goes a long way. The bad tongues say that they have not supported each other for 50 years, pretending at times to favor the careers of both. However, the real conflict arose in 2018, when Elton John announced a long world tour after which he would say goodbye forever from the stage. Rod Stewart reacted to this announcement by criticizing it: “Saying ‘I’m going to retire’ sounds like trying to sell tickets … It’s dishonest. That’s not rock and roll.”He added, “I never talked about retirement, and if I retire, I’m not going to make an announcement. I just fade away.”

Steawart made the remarks on Andy Cohen’s television show, Watch What Happens Live, and also had time to refer to an incident that occurred at one of his concerts, in which John angrily kicked a fan off the stage who got up and started playing the keyboard. “I understand Elton in a way, but those things don’t matter to me. I love people who go on stage, you always have a laugh“.

Shortly thereafter, in a new interview, Stewart spoke openly about anger, expressing his desire to get closer to a once great friend. “I love Elton very much, but we don’t talk now. We had a fight because I criticized his tour and said it was a money steal“, he said confirming the reason for the fight. “I emailed him and said, ‘What? Another one, dear?’ And he didn’t answer anything.”, he assured.

He referred to John again last year, after being asked about his own withdrawal from music. “I have good health. I got in a lot of trouble for speaking ill of Elton John, because he already said he was going to do more shows after 300. I mean, we all have to retire at some point, but right now that is very far from me. I’m having a lot of fun, “said the musician.

John has never addressed this issue in public. However, the musician has taken revenge with the publication of his autobiography, I, Elton John, in which he tells his version of events. “When he criticized my farewell tour I didn’t feel like I needed a lecture on the wild spirit of rock and roll, especially from someone who had spent most of the last decade humming the Great American Songbook and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. What’s more, I thought I had a lot of cheek, complaining that I was promoting a tour while he was sitting on a TV show promoting his own tour. “

Rod Stewart and Sir Elton John perform at the Grand Hotel Casino in Las Vegas in 2002. / KMazur / WireImage

We will now see if Stewart answers these new statements of the one who was his friend and continues the open war between the two.

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Thus was born the deep enmity that exists between Elton John and Rod Stewart | LOS40 Classic