Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the most envied marriage in Hollywood

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the most envied marriage in Hollywood

He is one of the great actors of his generation. Proof of fashions, scandals and ‘sex symbol’ labels. TO Tom Hanks He’s not afraid of playing a grown-up, being shipwrecked on a desert island, or being stranded in an airport terminal. And he also gifted us with Forrest Gump with a brilliance few performers could aspire to.

She also matured in front of the cameras, although without reaching the success of Hanks. She put herself in the shoes of a sister while her husband conquered Meg Ryan for nth second time in ‘Something to Remember’ and left us moments as Richard Gere’s boss in ‘Runaway Bride’. What’s more, Rita Wilson he has produced films and released four albums.

They succeed separately and together they form one of the strongest and most envied couples in Hollywood since they went through the altar 33 years ago. A “forbidden” love that began, how could it be otherwise, with a crush on a set.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in a scene from ‘Volunteers’.

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But to understand that the beginnings are not always easy, you have to travel until 1978, when a 23-year-old Tom Hanks married Samantha Lewes, your college sweetheart. They had been parents a year before Colin Hanks, the actor who amazed us in the first season of ‘Fargo’. Four years later his second daughter, Elizabeth Hanks, would be born.

At the beginning of the 80 Tom Hanks began to make a dent in the world of acting. He had become one of the protagonists of the series ‘Bosom Buddies’ when chance would have him Rita Wilson was the guest actress in one of the chapters. The chemistry was undeniable and the actor recognized it years later. He has also not stopped feeding the Hollywood fantasy of predestined love by remembering the role that Rita had in the series ‘The Brady Bunch’ back in 1972. “I was at a friend’s house when the episode was released and I remember thinking, that girl is cute.” Tom Hanks was a 16-year-old teenager.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in Volunteers

A scene from the comedy ‘Volunteers’, the first movie they starred in together.

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Let’s call it destiny or things in life the cinema gave them a second chance in 1985, when they both starred in ‘Volunteers’. The attraction continued to rise but collided with the actor’s marriage, a sentiment for which he later publicly apologized. “A broken marriage meant that I was sentencing my children to the same kind of feelings that I had at their age.”, confessed in an interview to Express. He was too young, he was not prepared … Many explanations that led to the same path: his final divorce in 1987.

tom hanks y rita wilson

Shortly after meeting they had already become one of the fashionable couples.

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It seems that instead of starring in a case Of those who make headlines, the new couple decided to wait. Only they know what really happened, although perhaps the greatest test of cordiality is that Samantha never spoke on the subject until he passed away from cancer in 2002. It is also pointed out that her ex-husband sought out the best specialists and helped defray medical expenses, although he never confirmed the information.

tom hanks y rita wilson boda

Rita Wilson’s mini wedding dress was a hit in the late eighties.

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Tom and Rita got married in 1988 and two years later they had their first child, Chester (Chet). After the success of ‘Big’ came the first Oscar nomination. The second time was the charm with ‘Philadelphia’. She was sitting next to him to kiss him when incredulous he heard his name, and he professed his love for her with a broken voice in front of a packed Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.

He had entered the Olympus of statuette actors through the front door. The following year, in 1995, became the second actor in history to receive two Oscars in a row thanks to ‘Forrest Gump’. Again, Rita was excited and listened to his words from the next chair.

“I am here before you because the woman with whom I share my life has taught me and shows me every day what love is.”

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks at the Oscars

The couple of actors in the 67th edition of the Oscars.

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They had met again in front of the cameras in ‘Something to remember’ a couple of years before, although the love story would star it again Tom Hanks y Meg Ryan. However, their unflappable marriage served them to meet the script’s demands. As he confessed to Oprah in an interview, it was that connection with Rita that allowed him to build the unconditional love that Forrest felt for Jenny. Considering that it is impossible to save a tear watching that movie, could there be a greater compliment?

tom hanks receives his star on the walk of fame, hollywood

Rita accompanied Tom Hanks to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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tom hanks rita wilson manos grauman's chinese theatre

Six years later, he performed the ritual of immortalizing his hands on the sidewalk of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

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In 1995 they had their second child, Truman. Although the two brothers have had ties to the film industry, it is the eldest, Chet, who has garnered the most attention, both for his supporting roles and for his drug problems. Fortunately, he was able to leave this life behind.

tom hanks, rita wilson and their children

The family enjoying a baseball game in 2004.

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tom hanks and rita wilson at the emmy awards

Happy and Smiling at the 1998 Emmy Awards

Jeffrey Mayer

Something that not everyone knows is that the marriage has produced such blockbusters as ‘My big Greek wedding’ (2002), ‘Mamma Mia!’ (2008) and their respective sequels. Rita is of Greek descent and both have professed their love for the Hellenic country until they achieved citizenship last year.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Oscars

Hanks and Wilson in 2002, at a post-Oscars party.

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Even the most solid relationships have their moments of weakness and in 2014 they went through a small crisis that led them to live apart for about a month. However, they showed the solidity that characterizes them when Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer that same year. He underwent a double mastectomy and subsequent breast reconstruction. Rita affirms that the actor was her cornerstone during a whole process that ended up bringing them closer together. Together they laughed, cried and spent the hours accompanied by their extensive collection of DVDs, just as he told the New York Times. Last year she revealed on Instagram that she was so scared that she asked her husband to “be very sad for a long time if anything happened and to throw a party in his honor.”

tom hanks and rita wilson at the sully premiere

Their chemistry at the events is evident.

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The following year Rita released her second studio album and Tom Hanks did not hesitate to accompany her on her world tour. Likewise, he acted as a proud husband when the artist obtained her coveted star in the Hall of Fame.

rita wilson, tom hanks y julia roberts

Rita Wilson sheltered by her husband and her friend Julia Roberts the day she received her star.


In March 2020, at the height of the global pandemic, Tom and Rita announced that they had tested positive for Covid-19 during their stay in Australia. They were among the first celebrities to put a face to the symptoms and gave interviews where they opened up about their experience to sensitize the world and ask for caution. Nor have they ever hesitated to hide their political leanings. They showed their support for Obama marriage –Rita boasts of friendship with Michelle on Instagram– and recently they followed the same steps with the candidacy of Joe Biden. They are both quite active on this social network. There is no shortage of ‘throwbacks’, family stamps and dedications on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, always ready to show that they share a relationship as earthly as any other.

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Although it seems like an eternity now, the last time we saw them pose together before the flashes was in the Oscars held in February 2020. They did it that way smiling.

tom hanks and rita wilson at the 92nd annual oscar awards

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the 92nd Annual Oscars.


A month before, they went together to the 77th edition of the Golden Globes, where Hanks was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, an award that highlighted his life in the cinema. Here, too, he could not avoid tears: “A man feels blessed when he has his family sitting in the front row”

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They have not been a couple of scandals. Neither of comings and goings. The Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson thing has been a long-distance race that began 33 years ago. That is why it is difficult to look back and summarize it in words, when together they accumulate dozens of red carpets that are translated into looks of complicity and admiration. Hopefully this love fulfills the weirdness of “forever” in Hollywood.

tom hanks and rita wilson at the cannes film festival, 2004

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Cannes Film Festival, 2004.

J. VespaGetty Images

topshot   actors tom hanks and rita wilson attend the 2018 national board of review awards gala at cipriani 42nd street on january 9, 2018 in new york city photo by angela weiss  afp        photo credit should read angela weissafp via getty images

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, spontaneous in front of the cameras.


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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the most envied marriage in Hollywood