What happened in Argentina and the world?

What happened in Argentina and the world?

Bonanza began to air, a TV series watched by generations

One of the greatest references in Argentina of telenovelas was born, as an author, from Argentina, Alberto Migré; it was emitted for the first time, a series that would make history, “Bonanza”.

In 1821, the Government of Rivadavia suppressed the “Gaceta de Buenos Ayres” by decree. Newspaper printed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 1810 and 1821 with the initial objective of publicizing the acts of government of the First Board. Its edition was entrusted by the Board to its member Manuel Alberti, although when publishing official documents many of them were written by the secretary Mariano Moreno; Manuel Belgrano and Juan José Castelli also collaborated. Through this medium, every June 7, is the Day of the Journalist in Argentina. On September 12, 1821, Bernardino Rivadavia decided by decree to cease to exist and replaced it with the Official Registry.

James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens was born in 1913. He was an American athlete who won four gold medals at the Berlin Games in 1936. Being black, Hitler refused to give him the award and withdrew from the stadium.

In 1931 Alberto Migré was born. He was an Argentine television author and producer, creator of several of the most successful soap operas in the country. It gained enormous popularity in the 1960s. Among the greatest hits of a career with more than 700 libretti, the most notable are Rolando Rivas, a taxi driver, which aired between 1972 and 1973 and starred Claudio García Satur and Soledad Silveyra (in the second year the female protagonist was Nora Cárpena), and Pobre diabla, broadcast at the end of 1973 and during the following year, which starred Soledad Silveyra, Arnaldo André, Fernanda Mistral and China Zorrilla. During his last years he was president of Argentores.

In 1959 “Bonanza” was broadcast for the first time. It was an American western / cowboy television series that aired on the NBC television network between September 12, 1959 and January 16, 1973. The pilot episode was created by David Dortort, who was also the producer of the Serie. It recounted the adventures of the Cartwright family, led by a wise and widowed patriarch named Ben (Lorne Greene) and his children. It was considered an atypical western, because the stories were about the three different personalities of the brothers and how they took care of their father, protected each other, their neighbors and their Ranch, La Ponderosa.

In 1992 Anthony Perkins died. He was an American film and stage actor whose best known work was his role as serial killer Norman Bates in the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho (1960).

In 2003 Johnny Cash died. He was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, considered the “king of country music” and an icon of that genre. Singer-songwriter of country, gospel, rock and roll and rockabilly, he was and is one of the greatest representatives of country music, although he created his own musical subgenre.

From the region of the Third River

In 1812 Almafuerte was born. City founded by the lawyer, politician and journalist, Pedro Carlos Molina. Unlike what many may suppose, it bears that name not because of the poet Palacios, but because of the union of two words with which Molina signed his columns in a Cordoba newspaper, “Alma Fuerte”. When founding the town, he decided to unite them as one, thus baptizing the community. Almafuerte is located in the Tercero Arriba department, on the border with Calamuchita. The founder’s house is located a short distance from Lake Piedras Moras. It is the product of the fourth dam of the Ctalamochita River (Third).

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What happened in Argentina and the world?