Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk reunite after BAFTA awards

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk reunite after BAFTA awards

When a couple of famous He puts an end to his courtship, in most cases he never shares the red carpet or posed again. Despite this, there are a few exceptions like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith O Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin which, over the years, have shown that, after a breaking off there can be a friendship again.

Last night, on the occasion of a party after the awards BAFTA, held in London, we were able to add to the list of ex-friends an actor and a model who, in recent months, seemed to have limited their interactions to those strictly necessary for the good of their daughter in common: Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper. As it could be seen, all the drama between them is already past water.

During one of the ‘after parties’ after the British awards gala, the actor and the mannequin were seen together for the first time since they ended their relationship a year ago and, in addition to being very relaxed and friendly, they came to pose for several photos together in the company of other friends and assistants.

Although, beyond these images, in which you can see Shayk with a spectacular Burberry mesh dress in nude tones now Cooper With a sober dark suit with a bow tie, it is not known what level of contact there was between the ex-partner during the party, it can be said that this is a great step for them.

Model Irina Shayk and actor Bradley Cooper during the 76th Golden Globes. January 2019, California.


Just a week ago, the model, also a former partner of Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwayne Jonson, dedicated his first words to the breaking off with the father of her daughter and the relationship that both had maintained until February of last year.

“I think we were very fortunate to experience what we lived together. Life without him is totally different ”, admitted the Russian mannequin, who claimed to have felt a certain dread when facing motherhood alone after breaking up with Bradley Cooper: “It is difficult to find the balance between taking care of my daughter and working. There are days when I wake up and I don’t think I will be able to do it, but then everything always works out ”.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk walking with their daughter in New York

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk walking with their daughter in New York


The rupture

Being parents of a girl named Lea de Seyne, the couple, who began dating in 2015, unexpectedly ended their courtship shortly after the 2019 Oscars gala, which they both attended together amid rumors of the model’s bad relationship with Lady Gaga, the muse of the actor and director in the film A star has been born. After that, although a possible romance with the New York singer was attributed to him, the gossip was never confirmed.

Despite the fact that, for the sake of her daughter, ex partner kept in touch (although at a very reduced level), the actor and the model went through a few months a difficult readjustment, which, it seems, has now come to an end.

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk reunite after BAFTA awards