Ed Sheeran’s quirks make his mansion lose value

Ed Sheeran’s quirks make his mansion lose value

Ed Sheeran He wanted to build a nest where he could start a family with his high school love, Cherry SeabornBut the project may be getting out of hand in a way that could make Michael Jackson’s Neverland pale.

The artist, who originally played in London Underground stations, now has a Fortune estimated at more than 226 million euros and it owns a total of 27 properties in which it has invested more than 64 million euros, according to British real estate experts. More than 4.4 million euros of this amount has gone to his most personal project, his home in Framlingham (Suffolk), the hometown of him and his wife. It is a mansion that he is personally shaping, which is popularly known by the name of Sheeranville and the one where the couple’s first daughter arrived last September, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn.

Ed Sheeran’s Property

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What started out as a simple greatHe bought for 996,000 euros has become a huge property based on acquiring properties in the surroundings. Then he built a chapel where he could marry his wife on his property, and that’s when the problems began, since he did not have a license to do so. Neighbors began to complain about the inconvenience caused by the construction of this small town” within its own town, well isolated from the environment and with the corresponding security measures.

Like a town

The property has a lake, a forest, a tree house, a recording studio, a chapel, a pub with a movie theater and several greenhouses.

So Sheeran ended the criticism by taking over the four neighboring properties for which he ended up paying a total of 4.4 million euros. Then invested another 3 million euros more to equip them with all the whims. Now the property has a lake, a forest, a 62 square meter tree house, a recording studio, the aforementioned chapel and even a pub with its own movie theater. From what has emerged, the property also has a gym, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a vegetable garden and several greenhouses.


A real estate study indicates that the singer’s gigantic estate has lost a value of more than one million euros due to these very personal renovations

A priori the property should have been revalued; however, a study carried out by Money.co.uk and Housebuyers4u indicates that the singer’s gigantic estate has lost a value of one million pounds (approximately 1.2 million euros) due to these very personal and bespoke renovations.According to the experts, a property so unique to Sheeran’s taste could have a negative impact on its price if you put it on the market due to the cost of reversing any of your reforms, as well as the enormous size of the property. At the moment, it does not seem that selling is the intention of the red-haired artist.

Sheeran originally bought his farm for € 996,000 in 2012, then bought a 16th-century house next door for € 500,000. In September 2016, he bought the four-bedroom detached house across from his country house for one million euros. His third purchase occurred in October 2017: a bungalow next to the driveway to his residence for a value of 584,000 euros. In April 2019, she completed her private paradise by buying another neighbor’s house for 974,000 euros.

Ed Sheeran House

Ed Sheeran’s Framlingham Estate


In the last five years dozens of trees have been planted to make the area more sustainable and to eventually become a dense forest. Ed Sheeran’s intention with the planting of these trees is twofold. On the one hand, he wants to preserve his privacy, surrounding the perimeter of the surroundings of his house. On the other, he wants to counteract the impact of the carbon dioxide generated by his tours around the world.

The singer, who according to the British press you have paid for all your properties in cash and has no mortgage. In addition to his private paradise in Framlingham, among his 27 properties, he has a luxurious residence in the London neighborhood of Notthing Hill valued at 22 million euros, as well as two houses located next to his Bertie Blossoms restaurant on Portobello Road.

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Ed Sheeran’s quirks make his mansion lose value